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New Mexico
Land of Enchantment
About once a year we visit family in New Mexico and spend time birding. We've gathered reports and lists for some of the last few years.
& Lesser Prairie-Chicken, Long-billed Dowitcher, NMOS link . . .

. . . New Mexico Birding Reports

Dick Dick is a retired mainframe dinosaur. He spent 28+ years working in systems software and technical support areas for a large Department of Defense data center before it closed and he opted for "voluntary" early out. Besides birding, his interests lie in computer security and privacy issues, photography, the Maya and science fiction. Language used in some areas accessible from his page may be inappropriate for the immature; if this disturbs you, you maybe don't want to visit Dick's page.

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Wood Duck
Wood Duck by Jean Hoffman
Birding is one of our greatest shared interests.

See what's happening on the local bird scene, Cleveland area site guide, Breeding Birds of Lake View Cemetery, The Shorebird Watcher, links to Ohio bird pages, The Cleveland Bird Calendar, lakefront weather and more.

. . . Birding from the North Coast

Jean Jean's work as a COBOL programmer in military pay has ended and now she is another retired mainframe dinosaur! Her overwhelming interest is in birds in myriad ways, but she is very fond of travel and learning Spanish, collecting stamps, has training as an artist and weaver and enjoys PC variations of the graphics world, including fractal designs and programs.

Now she has a whole new project, working on Genealogy, including links and family history on the "Mad" Anne Bailey, the Lyle and Dianiska families.

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