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This is the first cut on the history of the NPPP. The historians are still researching to get all the facts and just the facts. Return later when the history has been validated by the experts.

Last Updated: November 4, 1996

The Beginning

It all began in the spring of 1993. That is when I, the current president of the NPPP, was serving as a Scoutmaster for a National Jamboree troop from the Desert Pacific Council, Boy Scouts of America. We received a letter from the Eastern Parks Association informing us of the National Parks Passport Program. The committee decided it would be a fun thing to do if the book was worth the money. So, on June 2, 1993 I headed to Cabrillo National Monument, since it is down the road from where I work, to see what the book looked like. Well, you guessed it, I bought the book. I presented it to the committee and we purchased them for each Scout attending the Jamboree.

On the Jamboree trip getting the book stamped was half the fun of visiting all the places we visited. The goal was to get ten stamps. Anyone who achieved ten cancellations received a patch from the National Parks at the Jamboree. It was not too hard to get the ten stamps. On the trip it was not impossible to get a minimum for 15 cancellations.

The Expansion

I was addicted. I soon found myself on company travel to the East Coast. I would stay a day or two longer so that I could get the cancellations. I would drive for miles and for hours just to get more cancellations.

I began to spread the word. When Joe, a friend of mine, who works at Mataguay Scout Reservation, one of our local Boy Scout Camps, told me that he and a couple of friend were driving to the East Coast. I told him about the Passport. He bought his Passport in September 1994 on one of his many stops while driving East. He and his friends are now hooked. They do whatever they can to get more cancellations in their Passports. He has spread the word to members of the camp staff and the program has spread to many members on the staff.

After a couple of trips back East, I visited with Claude and Ellen, friends of mine, the current vice-president and her husband, who moved from San Diego to Virginia in 1994. On one of my stays, in September 1995, we visited some of the many National Park sites and they were soon hooked.

They thought that the program was fun and bought one book for the both of them. They also gave the books as gifts to friends of ours, Tim, Eric and Debbie, here in San Diego for Christmas in 1995. Ellen and Claude now own two books, one for each of them and Eric and Debbie have purchased books for themselves and their eight year old son Andy.

The Creation of the NPPP

In March 1996 Eric, one of the San Diego participants, the current secretary, drafted an interesting e-mail setting up the National Park Pals(NPP). The name was changed to the National Park Passport Pals (NPPP), because it better described our group.




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