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UPDATED: 03/23/97


How well do you know your National Parks???

Here is a chance for you to find out!!!

Listed below are several trivia questions about our National Parks. They are designed to test your knowledge of America's great National Parks. Some questions are simple, some may be tricky, others may have built in clues and most of all they will tell you something you may not have known before. The questions are from the National Park Wit game deck.

I will attempt to place new questions, the previous weeks answers and best scores either Thursday night or Friday morning. Here are some helpful hints:

	1.  Place a Bookmark for this page.

	2.  Print out this page so you can seek the answers.

	3.  Use the links on the NPPP Home Page to help seek
	    out some of the answers.

	4.  When you have found the answers return to this 
	    page and fill in the answer form.

	5.  HAVE FUN!!!!!

Previous Questions and Answers:

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1. Name the fort in Oregon that was the site of the middle of the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1805. It is now a national memorial.


2. Several major railroads played important roles in the establishment of national parks in the west. For example, the Northern Pacific :opened up" the Yellowstone and Glacier country for tourists. Name the railroad most closely associated with the Grand Canyon.


3. Name the remote Arizona canyon, a national monument, where Navajo Indians have lived for centuries and where they still farm.


4. Name the mid-19th-century coastal fortification now a national historic site, located at the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate Bridge.


5. Name America's first national park for the performing arts, located in northern Virginia near Washington D.C. Its Filene Center accommodates an audience of 6,500 for concerts and performances of all types, from symphonies and operas to Broadway musicals and rock bands.




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