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Well I finally said GOOD-BYE to Uncle Sam and have returned to my hometown of Durant, Oklahoma. Now I am doing what I have always wanted to do. After 3 long months of interviewing and testing I have finally made it. On 1 May of 2000 I raised my right hand and began my employment with the Durant Police Department. I recently completed the Field Training Program which consists of 10 Days of Classroom Training followed by 9 weeks of In-Field Training.

Durant Oklahoma

Durant is located in south-central Oklahoma only ten miles from Lake Texoma, one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States. Durant is a beautiful city with a large number of magnolia trees lining the streets and on the Southeastern Oklahoma State University campus. Durant has officially been recognized by the Oklahoma State Legislature as the Magnolia Capital of Oklahoma.

Statistics & Facts: The population of Durant is approximately 12,823. The approximate number of families is 5,996. The amount of land area in Durant is 46.488 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 0.053 sq kilometers. The distance from Durant to Washington DC is 1180 miles. The distance to the Oklahoma state capital is 121 miles. (as the crow flies) Durant is positioned 33.98 degrees north of the equator and 96.39 degrees west of the prime meridian.

The Durant Police Department

The Durant Police Department serves as the hub of Bryan County emergency management dispatch, with 911 dispatch originating here. More than 87,000 phone calls and 7,000 emergency 911 calls are received annually by dispatchers employed at the Police Department. In 1999, Patrolmen with the Durant Police were called upon and responded to more than 6,200 of these calls.

Training for emergency response is of paramount importance to the police. Officers receive merit pay and incentives for education and training. There are incentives for attainment of Associate and Bachelor's Degrees or attainment of 200 and 500 hours of certified law enforcement training. Of the 27 full-time uniformed officers 44% have College Degrees and an additional 44% have attained substantial levels of certified law enforcement training beyond the 10 weeks of basic training that all officers are required to complete.

Reserve officers greatly enhance the operations of our department. Eleven officers graduated from this year's reserve police academy. More than 2,500 hours of voluntary service were donated by reserve officers in 1999 alone. The services rendered by these officers include regular patrols, traffic management, security during special events, backup on special assignments, and many other important functions. The services these officers provide are invaluable.

Overall, crime rates are down from 1998 figures and remain at or below the rates reported by other Oklahoma communities of similar size. Moreover, not only is the rate of crime relatively low but the rate for solving and prosecuting the crime in our community ranks rather high. The criminal investigation section has already resolved over 50% of all crimes assigned to them during the year. In fact, no major index crimes such as rape, murder, or robbery remain unsolved.


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