Queensryche has recently released a new CD called Hear in the Now Frontier.In honor of that I have put together a Windows 95 Desktop Theme. It includes Wallpaper,Icons,Cursors,and Wavs from the CD. It is now on Version 2.0! I have changed a few things , as well as doing some clean up work to the Theme file. RYCHE ON!!

If you would like to Download it and if you have Windows95 Plus!, Just click on the Tri-Ryche.
Approximate Size of File is 750k Zipped

Replace your Standard Windows Start-up and Shut-Down Screens with a Queensryche Screen!!!

If you would like to Download a Screen, Click on the the one you want. If you are not familiar with replacing Start-up and Shutdown Screens PLEASE download the Read-Me file by clicking on the small Tri-Ryche.

Queensryche Band Members

Spinning Tri-Ryche

Flashing Tri-Ryche

Click on the one you would like to Download , Unzip the file into your Cursor Directory ( ie. C:\Windows\Cursors ) , Then go to the Control Panel and active the Icon through the Mouse Pointers panel.

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