Zeta Sigma Nu

Shut up and ride!

Zeta Sigma Nu is a Professional-Social Interest Fraternity that was started in September of 1993. The idea for ZEN was conceived when Matthew "Pudd" Crouse, Lana "Joja" Garner, Keith "Bubba" Labean, and "Dig" Doug Roberts were all sitting around and decided that they wanted to start a fraterniy, and thus ZEN was created.

ZEN's purpose is to promote mountain biking, the JSU Racing Team, and to give those with an interest in the sport a place to meet with their own kind. For more information on how to start your own chapter of ZEN e-mail us below, or call Pudd @ (205) 435-0881.

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ZEN was created from fathoms of imagination to enjoy the outdoors at a greater rate of speed and fear factor than that of conventional hiking. ZEN exists for the brothers and sisters to fellowship in the sport of mountain biking. SHUT UP AND RIDE!

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