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If you enjoy fishing, hiking, swimming, or just soaking up the sun, I've provided some fun sites to visit. My favorite is fishing. There's nothing more relaxing than reeling in the big one as you get tangled in a submerged tree while fighting off the mosquitos and gnats, or that comfortable trip back to shore, being towed another boat because your motor wouldn't start and you lost the paddle when trying to keep that water moccasin from getting in the boat with you, not to mention the bucket of shiners you knock over in the process. Ah..... The memories!


As a newly recurited airman at Minot, AFB, ND. I soon learnt that the two seasons offered fishing almost year round. Not only could one endulge in thier vice of choice, but actually catch fish. That is amazing considering that winter is almost year round. But alas summer comes and in its short life span provides the same entertainment for restless military personel.

It was at this time I decided along with a buddy, to make a fishing expedition to Garrison Dam to see how the sauger were doing. Being a newly wed, my wonderful wife had just purchased my wedding band. In those days a two hundered dollar ring was a bragging right. Who cares if it was oversized, with my eighty dollar pilot sunglasses I felt good. Upon my first cast the priceless ring was thrown from my finger into the depths of the mighty Missiouri river. Yet looking down the last sight I saw was the sunglasses free falling to unknown fathoms.

You guessed it, the worst is to follow. Home again, no fish, no wedding band, no marriage.

By Roby Lewallen

Do you have a horror story from the great outdoors? send it to me. I'll put it up for all to see!

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