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See me live and in person (if you dare)!

Hello!! I'm "Cabinboy". Joe2001.jpg (3674 bytes) and this guycharrope.jpg (1336 bytes) climbin the tops'l halyard is me buddy "Charlie Noble".

Welcome to our sandbar!! I've spent the past 30 plus years sailing on and off. Mostly on OPBs (other peoples boats). You see, sailing is my obsession. I currently live in Central Maine which has some of the most magnificent cruising on this planet. Maine also has an incredible collection of vintage sailing vessels including many Schooners which have been miraculously preserved and today provide some fantastic vacation opportunities.

In case you havn't guessed, I am infatuated with vessels from the Golden Age of Sail. I believe it was only Golden for the owners and the captains. The more I study, the more it seems that it was Hell for the average Seaman. Call the age what you will, the vessels and people of that era are truly fascinating.

My experience includes being a crew member on the Brigantine Romance in the late 60's and crewing on the Sloop Clearwater in the 70's as wellas being a first mate on the Hudson River Sloop Sojourner Truth in the 70's and early 80's.I have owned or skippered a Snark, West Wight Potter, Cal 21 and Bristol Corsair. I've crewed aboard Oday Tempest, Shark 24, Columbia 24, Holliday Yawl, Ranger 33, Columbia 38, Cal 40 and more.

 cbboat1.jpg (1461 bytes) I currently sail a Gloucester Sloop which we keep on a mooring at the lake by our house and as I said earlier spend as much time as possible on friends boats

I'm always looking for new sailing opportunities. If you're going to be sailing in Maine and would like an extra crew member, some local knowledge or some help with maintenance   (I'm good with tools, mechanics, and electric), or if you just want to talk sailing, e-mail me at:


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"May your winds be behind you, your seas be smooth and your skies be blue."

Some Cool Stuff

Charlie Noble   Hatched on September 2, 1998 his name came quite naturally as he is a "Noble Macaw" and I wanted a nautical name. He is a lot of fun to watch and interact with and I fear we will always be underestimating his inteligence. A 2nd Charlie Picture

Whittlins 'n Wood Check out these wonderful wood carvings and wood sculptures all handcrafted by a local Maine artist.

SailingTalk Home Page A place on the web for sailors to interact and have fun. This page provides info about our "chats".

Schooner Issac H. Evans Sail the Isaac H. Evans on the coast of Maine for a vacation you'll never forget. Tell Cap'n Brenda that Cabinboy sent you.

Here are two of my favorite books:

The Trailer Sailor Page An online magazine for those who'd rather take it with them.

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