This is what started it all. A Fox executive payed Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make a 5 minute Christmas thing, and the Spirit of Christmas was what they made. This is absolutely great. I downloaded it, and it took 5 hours, but I think it was worth it.

CAST: as well as and a brief appearance by



Stan, Kyle, Cartmen, and Kenny are talking. Cartman is bashing Jews and Kyle is calling Cartman fat, when Jesus descends from heaven. Jesus asks the children to take them to the mall, where he finds his arch-rival, Santa. They fight Mortal Kombat style, throwing fireballs and the like at each other. Kenny, an innocent bystander, is killed during the fight. Jesus and Santa both want the kids help, but they don't know who to help. Finally they decide to make a compromise, and decide that they learned a good lesson from it all. That presents are the most important thing about Christmas. So Kyle announces that Jewish people get presents for 7 days, and they all convert.


Stan: Aren't you Jewish, Kyle?
Kyle: Yeah, I think so..

Jesus: I have come seeking retribution.
Stan: Oh my God! He's going to kill you cuz you're Jewish, Kyle!

Stan: (To Jesus) Your birthday is on Christmas? That sucks dude.

Santa: So we meet again Jesus!
Jesus: You have blemished the meaning of Christmas for the last time, Kringle.
Santa: I bring hapiness and love to children all over the world.
Jesus: Christmas is for celebrating my birth.
Santa: Christmas is for giving!
Jesus: I'm here to put an end to your blasphemy.
Santa: This time we finish it! There can be only one.

Santa: Stan, remember the choo-choo when you were three?
Jesus: I died for your sins, boys, don't forget that.
Stan: I don't know what to do dude. Who should we help?
Cartman: I say we help Santa Clause.