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The Ministry of Natural Resources has put the majority of Ontario's Provincial Parks on the internet. However, because Komoka Provincial Park is an "non-operating" provincial park, there is little information on the MNR web site for Komoka Provincial Park.

Komoka Provincial Park is a relatively young park which just became a Provincial Park within the last 10 years. Prior to being acquired by the MNR some of the land was maintained by the regional conservation authority. The MNR has been purchasing land over the last number of years including some houses along Middlesex Road #16 on the North side of the Thames. The decrepid houses and barns in this area were demolished on 27 September, 1996.

Komoka Provincial Park has many excellent hiking trails throughout the park. The white, nature reserve trail overlooking the picturesque Thames River is most hikers favorite trail within the park.

Komoka Provincial Park is an unfunded Provincial Park, however the same rules that govern other Ontario Provincial parks also apply to Komoka Provincial Park. There are two entrances to the park. The main parking lot is located on Middlesex Country Road #3 at the end of Delaware Concession #3 (across from Sun Haven/Versa Care Nursing Home). (Help, show me a map!) The alternate entrance is off County Road 14 (Comissioners Road West) just east of the Thames River, at the former Kilworth Ministry of Natural Resources Office. Please note the trail into the park from this entrance is a white trail -- Hiking only. Signs showing the main (white and yellow) trails are located at both entrances. Please peruse the map I created of Komoka Provincial Park Trails.

What's happened recently at Komoka Provincial Park?

A partial list of the park regulations follows:

Failure to comply with these regulations not only interferes with other user's enjoyment of the park but will result in fines or other legal action by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

For more information contact:

Port Burwell Provincial Park
P.O. Box 9
Port Burwell, Ontario
(519) 874-4691

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