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I have included sound with my pages to make them a little more interesting. It takes a little bit longer to load but I think you will like it. So turn your speakers on and enjoy your stay here.

If you need a program to listen to midi files try this. crescendo

Here is the best homepages on todays internet. Enter these pages and be amazed! Truly the most astounding thing since GODZILLA entered Tokyo Bay!!

November 1st. 1996 click on the box and it will take you to a page about my net friends and sites I find interesting.

Follow this link and you will see the pictures I have taken of places in outer space.Just click on the telescope and it will take you there.
By the way this scope is the one I have. The only differences are I installed electric motors on mine for the focus and for the declination adjustments. Mine is also the computerized version of the Celestron celestar 8 inch schmidt cassegrain telescope.

This is my largest kite. It is called a Raptor Delta. It has a wingspan of 20 feet 6 inches.

I think kites are really cool. When you get a good kite made out of good sailcloth they practically fly on their own. When the air gets colder in the fall and winter I like to fly seven or eight kites at once. When the air is cold it is a lot more stable and does not have all of the thermals that you get with the warm summer air.

To me a day of being outside on a beautiful day can be so relaxing I end up with a big smile on my face. To watch the clouds against the blue sky and try to decide their shapes is fun. Its cool the way most people don't see the same shape, individuallity is what makes the world a interesting and colorful place.

Please do not polloute the air, water, or the land! With todays technology I think we will have inter planetary travel in the next hundred years or so. But we must take care of the enviorment on earth because its true, "there is no place like home".

Take a look at this page you will like what you see.

35 Ford pickup.

This is what makes a parent proud of their kid.
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Cool pictures of Nick and Kari's property.
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