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     Due to over a year of web design inactivity, my limited time to put any efforts towards this site, and my help with Mike Graham on the Penn-Del District site, I am officially closing this site.  I will keep this page open to keep the web chain going, as well as link you to some great Ranger sites and sites of mine.

     I hope to build a site in the future that will incorporate all the ideas I had for this site from the start, such as Ranger resources, Outpost Management, databases, etc.  I will work with other Ranger webmaster, mainly the Penn-Del site, to improve their site layout, content, and features.

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Shawn 'Silent Eagle' Shevitz, a.k.a. shevdog

shevdog's homepage

Silent Eagle
(FCF, Ranger bio, pictures, and more)


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address: Valley Forge Christian College
1401 Charlestown Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460
phone: 610.917.1567
AIM: shevdog
ICQ: 112472979


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