04 July 2005.
      Thanks for visiting, sorry but I just bought a house and spend every dime I have "Tricking it out".  Putting things like a kitchen in, maybe someday a bathroom.  My rearend came apart, so I replaced it with a Currie Dana 44. Hey it needed replacing anyway.   4 Wheeling in Florida leaves something to be desired, and the Roja is more than capable for what is here. My front end is dying now, and the 4 wheeler "Awesome 30" is calling.  Stay tuned.
Diamond Plate Door Panels
Slimline Wind Visors
Bushwacker fenders
ARB Bull Bar Bumper
Rock Krawler 4.5" lift
Currie Dana 44 Rear end with E-Locker (Photos coming soon.)
The Sticker Mystery
The Crew
The "Senorita Roja" is a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Loredo.
Hurricane Isabel Camp out
OBX North Carolina Sand Dunes
Uwharrie National Forest
The Roja in its current phase 10/10/03
    Project Roja is the ongoing process of converting a bone stock Cherokee to a trail ready rig. The author is an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy.  All projects are accomplished by the author with tools available at the nearest automotive shop or department store. Any friend that can be roped into assisting in these projects is thanked profusely.