Gavin's Home Page III
The End Is Nine 

And so in the quest to find the answer to all the world's problems Gavin's home page enters it's third reincarnation. This page hopes to find the answers to all the worlds problems like world food shortages, lasting peace everywhere, global warming, the green house effect, where does that other sock go to in the washing machine, why when you have emptied the sink there is always a spoon left in the bottom and why does your favourite tape always get eaten up in the tape machine?
Well if i knew the answers to all of these I wouldn't be sitting here would i? i would be off selling them to rich Americans who believe anything that the English say.
Any way that's enough of that, i bet you would just sit in front of that computer and read everything that i type in this here little page of mine which to be honest is getting longer by the minute, but that's my business cus its my web space that i'm using up although i guess your phone bill could be getting very large at this moment in time, so i guess that you had better go and do some thing like click some of them nice buttons on the left and see what other stuff there is on this site to entertain you. I'm sure you might find something if you tried really hard, but i'm not promising anything. So all views are my own, i might not understand them myself but they are my own so give me credit for something. Well no flying pianos yet, but i would look out if your really tall as they do come in at quite a rate of knots some times.  
Well what's new, .......????....... um not much. The three peaks stuff will be as soon as i get to Paul's scanner and as promised some nice pictures of Snowdonia as well. They will be here as soon as I get some money to get the films developed (hint hint mum :) I shall put loads of links in to friends site and try and get you a photo of Lily. I have been writing to her for months now and i still haven't a clue what she looks like. I'll shove some other stuff about and tidy the rest of it up as well. Better go now as home and away is on and i could do with something to eat as well.
Well live long and prosper and may the force be with you!
And yes I know it says nine.