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    Your link to the industial world
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    A link to the electronic/ gage giant
    A Major Electric w/gearhead motors
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    A Manufact. Rep. for All Plastic Processes w/ Descriptions Including ROTO Molding Connections
  • General Spring & Wire Company
    All types of springs very category of the ICE index will be searched. It may take a couple of minutes to generate results.
    2.    Engineer Supply
    3.    Engineering Technical Data Reference Tables:
    This page provides a listing of engineering reference data that is commonly found in reference books. Includes phyiscial properties of materials -includes Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity, Poisson's Ratio and Unit Weight information as well as specific data for varous material types. Data for Aluminum alloys, Beryllium Copper, Brass, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron-grey, Copper, Douglas Fir, Glass, Inconel, Lead, Magnesium, Molybdenum, Monel metal, Nickel silver, Nickel steel, Phosphor bronze, and Stainless steel is provided. Also: Analysis of Sections and Shapes - T100, Dimensions and Data for Fasteners - T200, Shear, Moment and Deflections of Beams - T300, Properties of Structural Member Shapes - T400, for a wide variety of materials and shapes.
    4.    Universal Parts Center:
    Commercial and government stocked parts from Industry Net.
    5.    DesignInfo:
    Searchable on-line catalog of engineering products and vendors using engineering parameters.
    6.    Free MDS:
    Free online plastic materials information source from nearly every material supplier in North America. The site also has access to plastic materials information from regions outside North America. This is provided by IDES, Inc., which also provides an online plastic materials web seach, after registration.
    7.    MatWeb:
    Free online materials information resource - search for properties, find specific materials, find material by constituent elements.
    8.    Electronic Design Library:
    A U Mass library for support of undergraduate design projects.
    9.    Mechanical Analysis:
    The Mechanical Analysis Home Page is an information focal point for analysts and scientists. The page contains links to subjects such as heat transfer, stress and dynamic analysis and material properties. The page also contains a list of consultants and you with access to a broad variety of scientific and technical information and analysis software
    10.    NIST Virtual Library (NVT):
    NVL provides you with access to a broad variety of scientific and technical information resources in different electronic formats, from online information to CD-ROMs to databases and electronic documents. See also the full NIST site.
    11.    Engineering Information Guide (EIG):
    The EIG is maintained by the University of Strathclyde's CAD Centre and contains pointers to sites, standards, mail lists, etc. pertaining to engineering design.
    12.    Multi-Media Handbook for Engineering Design:
    The Multi-Media Handbook for Engineering Design is a hyper-media database providing information relating to machine design. It is intended to provide a concise source of key information giving the user quick and easy access to elementary engineering design principles, design details of machine elements and specific component information.
    13.    University of Utah PartNet Online Catalog System:
    This server offers information about the a prototype service for finding parts via the WWW.
    14.    Engineering Software Database:
    This ASME-sponsored database is a fully indexed, searchable system, with descriptions of more than 6000 engineering programs. As a web based system, the database supports any number of direct URL references to your home site, email address, or other links you choose. You can add files to our public FTP site such as demonstration versions of your product, shareware files, documentation, or other files you would like associated with your software record. All files submitted to the archive, as well as the software database records, are published on CDROM for even wider distribution.
    15.    Tribology: An On-Line Information Resource:
    Almost every item of machinery has moving parts, bearings, gears, slides, seals and many others. The successful operation of moving mechanical equipment is dependent on the smooth running and long life of these parts. It is research in the field of tribology that has paved the way for reliability and longevity in industrial machines. Lists: Conferences, Jobs, Journals, ImEechE Design data guides, etc.
    16.    Firmendatenbank:
    Informationen über mehr als 135.000 deutsche Firmen in bekannter Hoppenstedt-Qualität. Basisinformationen erhalten Sie dabei bis hin zum Kurzportrait völlig kostenfrei. Alles Wissenswerte ist in unserer "Einführung" dokumentiert.
    17.    NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS):
    This server is an experimental service that allows simultaneous searching of various NASA abstract and technical report services.
    18.    Catalog of the Engineering Case Library:
    This server provides accounts of real engineering work written for use in engineering education, and is provided by the Center for Case Studies in Engineering at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. There are cases from almost all disciplines of engineering. The full text version of the catalog is also available via anonymous ftp from: in directory /pub/civeng/ECL/ as ASCII text or as a WordPerfect file.
    19.    AutomationNET:
    Database of Vendors, Consultants and Systems Integrators in the field of Engineering Automation under the subject Mechanical Engineering On-Line Services.

    Free Software and Information Services

    1.    CFX User Subroutine Archive:
    Fortran subroutines for modifying default physical models in CFX.
    2.    CyclePad:
    Download a thromodynamics simulator. CyclePad enables students to construct and analyze a wide variety of thermodynamic cycles. A hypertext explanation facility provides the student with access to the chain of reasoning underlying the derivation of each value. CyclePad is currently being field-tested in undergraduate engineering classes at Northwestern University, The U.S. Naval Academy, and Oxford University.
    3.    DSIFcalc:
    DSIFcalc is a computer program for processing data obtained during one- or three-point bend (conventional and inverted) impact fracture tests.
    4.    Mechanical Engineering Software:
    PC software that may be downloaded from the EDS Forum
    5.    Rotor Dynamics:
    Rotor dynamics is a collective term for rotating machines and can be split into the sub-groups that make it up. These are rotating shafts, bearings, seals, out of balance systems, instability and condition monitoring. This site povides technical tutotials on these topics.
    6.    Vibration Data:
    Free software and tutorials for vibration and shock analysis
    7.    Windmill:
    Free software to connect almost any instrument with an RS232 (COM) port to a Windows program like Excel. Includes programs to save and chart the data, and control the instrument. Applications include strain and flow measurement. Need to subscribe to free newsletter.
    8.    WinPipeD:
    Free software: a professional, fully-featured Windows program for pipe hydraulics in steady multiphase flow. It utilizes most industry-standard equations and correlations, packaged in an easy-to-use interface. Available for download for non-commercial use.
    9.    Engineering Workstations server:
    Engineering Workstations is a server for document authoring at the College of Engineering University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign. It points to a wide variety of campus and engineering related information. Of special interest are the software testbeds which include online simulations of milling and drilling, fixture modeling, and cutting fluid evaluation.
    10.    Finite Element Analysis Software:
    Roger Young's private catalog of free, electronically available FE software with a pointer to a page on general FE resources, including newsgroups and listservers.
    11.    Dynamic Simulation Software List:
    Kalle Marjamaki`s list emphasizes fluid dynamics but general simulation software is listed.

    Internet Mechanical Engineering Sites

    1.    Engineers for Engineers Information:
    Links to many sites useful to the Scientist and to the Professional Engineer.


    1.    Job Search for Engineers[InterEC.NET]:
    This web site specifically set up for engineers looking for a job over the Internet. It is organized into sections by engineering discipline and contains job listings from employers, direct links to the employment web sites of companies that hire engineers, links to some of the best job search databases on the Internet, newspaper-classified advertisement from across the country, salary surveys and unemployment data specific to your field of specialization, and various other resources of general interest to engineers looking for a job.
    2.    Engineering/Manufacturing Jobs:
    A link to job openings for engineers and other professionals
    3.    EngineeringJobs.Com:
    Another good source of job openings. The site also features links to professional engineering societies and organizations, sources for engineering tools, and resumes of job-seeking engineers.
    4.    Engineering Job Source:
    Job information for engineers in all states, but specializing in the Great Lakes region.
    5.    Pro/E Job Network:
    Pro/Engineer software specific - See also IDEAS Job Network
    6.    Careers In Construction Includes engineering jobs:

    Misc. Information and Services

    1.    Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines (RCE) and Vehicles:
    2.    Berkeley Lab Room:
    Vibrating Beam Experiment - courseware.
    3.    IndustryNET:
    IndustryNET carries focused mechanical engineering industry news and many websites for companies in this line of business.
    4.    Ultrasound Critical-angle Reflectometry (UCR):
    New method for studying the mechanical properties of materials (the complete stiffness matrix for transv isotropic materials) from a single surface. Current application is in a clinical and a laboratory setting to investigate the structure- function relationship in bone.
    5.    Advanced Technologies for Commercial Buildings:
    A building professional's guide to 60 environmentally responsible technologies and materials for use in commercial buildings. Includes plumbing, mecahnical systems for buildings.
    6.    RobotBooks.Com:
    Selected Robot Books, electronics, computers, magazines, ect.
    7.    Philadelphia IEEE Consultants' Network:
    Directory of consultants with one free day of consulting. The IEEE Consultants' Network consists of IEEE members, in private practices, who offer state-of- the-art consulting services. Some of the areas of expertise represented by our members include electronic, computer software and hardware, digital and analog design, forensics, power systems, new product development, quality systems and technology management.
    8.    Patent.Info:
    John Moetteli offers legal advice and access to laws and design, engineering, and prototyping info on his site.
    9.    Internet Patent News Service's (IPNS):
    Internet Patent News Service's (IPNS) WWW Patent Searching home page can search all US patents since 1970 using the US patents Manual of Classification.
    10.    AI Webography of AI in Design:
    David Brown has has developed a Webography of AI in Design set of resouces.

    Online Calculations

    1.    DC Gear Motor Sizing:
    Precision MicroDynamics Inc. provides a CGI program/resource to help size DC gear motor systems. Users fill out a form which details the load characteristics and motor characteristics among other things. By pressing the submit button, the form processor takes over and performs the computations. A second level of analysis provides the torque-speed, torque-power, torque-efficiency and torque-current plots. These can be downloaded to your computer simply by saving the GIF that is generated.
    2.    Thermodynamic Property Calculator:
    This is aforms-based CGI application to calculate the thermodynamic properties of fluids (liquid and/or vapor). Most of the equations are taken from the compilation "Thermodynamic Properties in SI" (TPSI), by W. C. Reynolds.
    3.    The Expert System for Thermodynamics Free Java software and applets for thermal, radiation, and gas calculations.
    4.    CyberCut:
    CyberCut is the gateway to a series of interactive web pages that has become on on-line CAD tool linked directly to the Integrated Manufacturing and Design Environment (IMADE), a rapid prototyping system located at the Integrated Manufacturing Lab at the University of California at Berkeley.


    1.    Mechanical Engineering:
    Online Sponsored by the ASME. Back issues available.
    2.    EESE:
    Engineering E-journal SE: over 100 engineering e-journals
    3.    Journal of Mechanical Design (JMD):
    The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) publishes the JMD and this server provides information on the scope and purpose of the journal, the editorial staff, and information for authors. There is also an index to previous volumes and articles. Forms for submitting and reviewing technical papers are also provided.
    4.    Progressive Engineer:
    This free online magazine focuses on engineering in the mid-Atlantic region. See especially the Engineering Resources.
    5.    Machine Design Online:
    Design Engineering information and events.
    6.    Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Strojnicky Casopis):
    It is published by Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
    7.    Process Pumps & Filtration On-Line:
    A webzine with articles, on-line principle and fundamental catalogs, new product and technology introductions, and engineering educational and resource materials.
    8.    Carmagen Engineering Report:
    Free engineering newsletter on hydrocarbon piping and storage.
    9.    Windmill Software Newsletter:
    Called Monitor, the newsletter includes data acquisition tips, new product releases, URLs of engineering, scientific and technology resources, and more.

    World Wide Web Virtual Mechanical Engineering

    1.    University ME Departments:
    2.    Mechanical Engineering Institutes and Societies:
    3.    Mechanical Engineering Vendor Pages:
    4.    Mechanical Engineering Forums and Newsgroups:
    5.    EELS:
    Search all Internet Engineering Resources Provided as a complement to "Engineering Electronic Library Sweden" (EELS).
    6.    Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education Library
    7.    ICE:
    Internet Connections for Engineering
    8.    AVEL:
    Australian Virtual Engineering Library (AVEL)
    9.    Directory of Science and Engineering Resources:
    10.    Engineers for Engineers:
    Information and links to many sites useful to the Scientist and to the Professional Engineer.Professional Engineers
    11.    Yahoo Engineering Directory:
    12.    BUBL Links:
    Engineering and Technology
    13.    ENGWHO:
    The Engineering Search Engine
    14.    Engineering Fundamental (efunda)
    15.    Engineering Search Engine (Australia)
    16.    The BigHub Megasearch

  • Hilti USA Homepage
  • Reid Tool Supply Company

    Welcome To Junction Tools
    Junction Tools
    Pipe Clamps, Chain Clamps, Fitup Clamps, Weld Purging, Welding Tools, from Jts-Pta
    Accessories for Oxygen free Welding
    Weld Purge, Weld Purging, Tig Welding, Weldin...

    General Metalworking

    SpringWalker Body Amplifier - Powered Exoskeleton - Legged Vehicle
    Lincoln Electric - The Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle
    Home Shop Metal Projects
    Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
    4x6 Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw FAQ
    Metal Spinning
    On-Board Welder
    On-Board Air Compressor
    Lincoln Electric - Welding Innovation Magazine
    Wallace Metal Works Peddinghaus Price Sheet
    Making Accurate Straight-Edges from Scratch
    The Art of Bending
    Homebuilt Homepage - Vendors - Parts
    The Metalworking FAQ/Compendium
    The Sheetmetal Shop
    Photo gallery of home built machinery
    Metal Working Hyperlinks
  • Mig Welders

    Here's the Mig deal:

    To get deeper penetration you do this (in order of usefulness): Increase wirespeed, decrease stickout, drag the torch, switch to straight CO2, use skinnier wire.

    To get shallower penetration you do this (in order of usefulness): Reduce wirespeed, increase stickout, push the torch, switch to argon/CO2 mix, use thicker wire.

    To get a larger bead you do this (in order of usefulness): Increase wirespeed, decrease travel speed, increase stickout

    To get a smaller bead you do this (in order of usefulness): Decrease wirespeed, increase travel speed, decrease stickout

    To get a higher, narrower (colder) bead you do this (in order of usefulness): Decrease voltage, drag torch, increase stickout

    To get a flatter, wider (hotter) bead you do this (in order of usefulness): Increase voltage, push torch, decrease stickout

    To get a faster deposition rate you do this (in order of usefulness): Increase wirespeed, increase stickout, use smaller wire.

    To get a slower deposition rate you do this (in order of usefulness): Decrease wirespeed, decrease stickout, use larger wire.

    Note that when you change the stickout you change the current, so you might need to adjust the wirespeed to compensate. Same with changing wire size, obviously.


    Reynolds Aluminum

    Auto Weld Help - Old Cars, Scoots, and Things

  • Muggy Weld
    Aluminum, pot metal, cast iron welding rods and instruction
  • Aluminum Welding How to Weld Aluminium

    Good Words From Good Man On Aluminum

    Most castings are sand castings and tend to be slightly porous with small particles of the casting sand embedded just under the surface.

    Die castings are much easier since there is no contamination of the metal.

    The exact alloy of aluminum makes a big difference for welding. The filler rods recommended by Alcotec for castings are:

    Base metal   Filler rod A356  A356 , 4008 , 4010 A380   4145 A319   4145

    Alcotec is the largest manufacturer of Aluminum welding filler materials.

    Their catalog is a priceless source of aluminum welding alloy data. Ask your local welding supplier to get you a copy or contact them directly.

    Washing the weld is a common practice for architectural or decorative stuff, but for critical parts it is not recommended.

    A gas Lens collet body will allow you to extend the tungsten further from the gas cup, allowing access to corners better.

    Zirconium tungstens allow greater current with smaller tungstens for AC TIG.

    The best bet for cleaning the welds is either bead blasting or a stainless steel wire brush on a die grinder.

    5356 is not a recommended rod for engine castings. 5356 is susceptable to corrosion cracking if exposed to temperatures above 150degF for prolonged periods. Most of the 5000 series fillers have this problem.

    A356, 4008 and 4010 are all the same basic alloy , just in slightly different states of purity.

    A356 is a Aluminum-Silicon-Magnesium alloy used for high temperature castings like manifolds and engine blocks.

    A380, A319 and 4145 are Aluminum-Copper alloys used for strength. Never mix Aluminum-Copper alloys with Aluminum-Magnesium alloys. The 2 react to heat differently and cracks can form.

    Welding / Cutting Equipment

    Welcome To Jetline Engineering
    The Home
    Weld Chambers
  • Vehicle mounted welders

    Premier Power Welder High-Frequency onboard welders, high-amp alternators, charging systems,batteries and Atlas transfer cases.
    ZENA, Inc.

    Online Welding suppliers

    Action Welding Supply | Troubleshooting FAQs
    National Welders and Supply Company
    Toll Gas & Welding Supply - Safety Tip 1
    Central Welding Supply Online
    Welding Supplies: Specialized Industrial Directory
    AAA Welding Supply. Your Online Source For Welding Supplies
    Phoenix International DryRod Oven .
  • Harbor Freight Tools - Home Page
    Welders Supply and Equipment Co. Inc.
    Albright Welding and Supply Co. Inc.
    Used Welding Equipment
    Weld Plus Inc. Used Welding Machinery
    The Welding Catalog
    Facemire Welding Supplies (Century)
    NexAir Used Welding Equipment
  • Plasma cutting

    Hypertherm plasma cutter & TORCHMATE CNC
    shape cutting machine -- the perfect combination. Kits starting at under $2,000. - robotics, motion control systems, automated shape cutting, automation, cnc cutting tables, metal art, ornamental iron, wrought iron, automated welding, automated cutting
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Systems Home Page
    miller xmt 304
    Hobart Welders: The Power to Change Your World
  • Welding Safety Equipment

    North Safety Products - Respiratory Products
    Wale Apparatus - Scientific Glassblowing, Lampworking, Flameworking
    Oberon safety equipment
    3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety
    Electronic Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets & Lenses

    Hoodlum Welding Supplies - Helmets - Clothing
    XELUX Homepage
    Cherokee Industries Inc. - Hands free welding helmets & supplies
    Welcome to Speedglas® On-Line, website of state-of-the-art welder protection for safety and optimum efficiency

    Cast Iron Repair

    LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. homepage: Cast iron crack repair, cast iron welding, thread repair inserts

    Welding filler metals


    Welcome to Matweld!
    Cadweld Type CAVH Thermite Welders and Metal
    Alphabetical Listing of Products by Name
    Orgotherm Thermite
    Orgotherm Thermite - company info
    4.4.13 Thermit® Reaction

    United States Welding Corporation
    United States Welding Corporation
    Weld Mold - high alloy welding electrodes, tool and die
    J.W. Harris Co., Inc - Brazing, Soldering and Welding Products - Solid Wires for GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG)
    McKay filler wires
    CRA Welding Selection of Welding Filler Material
    U.S. Alloys/Weld Tech
    Flux-Cored Gas Shielded Wire
    Gulfwire Inc.
    Park Welding Supply
    HTS-2000 Aluminum Repair rod
    The Aluminium and copper welding wire world S...
    Postle Industries Hardfacing Alloys
    Alcam Inc.
    Wisconsin Wire Works, Inc.
    Coastal Alloy Corporation

    Gas welding/cutting/heating

    J.W. Harris Co., Inc - Brazing, Soldering and Welding Products - Home
    Bubble Torch
    Oxy Fuel
    CONCOA Homepage
    Product Home Frame
    Goss Inc.
    Koike Aronson Inc.
    Petrogen Oxy-Gasoline Cutting Torch System
    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
    Aqua EX O Data Sheet
    PAASO - Oxygen Lances
    Portable Cutting Systems
    Welcome to Rexarc
    Atmos Enterprises Inc.

    MIG/TIG/Plasma Torches + Parts

    Binzel Pty Ltd - Europe's leading welding torch manufacturer.
    Pro-Fusion: Replacement Plasma Welding Torches and Spare Parts For Thermal Dynamics Equipment
    Ready Welder Corporate Home Page
    MK Products Main Menu
    ABICOR BINZEL - Welding and cutting brought to the point
    Tig Torches & Accessories
    PAC-MIG - Air cooled torches
    Tec Torch Company, Inc.
  • Tungstens + Grinders

    precision arc welding - Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited - leaders in welding technology.
    Pro-Fusion: Turbo-4 Tungsten Electrode Grinder
    Diamond Ground - Products
    Tungsten grinder

    Pipe / Tube weld prep

    Mathey Dearman- Pipe cutting
    Flange Wizard Tools
    Robvon Backing Ring Company
    Orbital Welding, Welding Tools, Weld Purging,...

    Resistance/Spot/Stud/Friction welding/heating>

    New Southern Resistance Welding, Inc.
    Stud Welding Products
    Resistance Welding Suppy
    Kriton Welders

    Plastic/Ultrasonic Welding

    LEISTER- Plastic welding tools
    Shop Tools

    McMaster Carr
    An online resource center
    MetalCraft Tools
    Milwaukee Electric Tool Welcome Page
    Metalcraft Tools
    Tower Hobbies - The World's Premier Supplier of Radio Control Models
    Metabo Industrial Electric Power Tools
    Vendor Listing / Brands / Porter-Cable
    [AtlasCopco Group]
    Tile tools and more supplied by Master Wholesale, Inc.
    Peddinghaus Corporation Home Page
    FLEX Electronic Power Tools
    National Telephone Supply Co. Home Page
    Nicopress ® - Wire Rope Products - Copper
    Harbor Freight Tools
    Home Page
    Welcome to KBC Tools & Machinery
    Northern Tool and Equipment - Online Catalog - Trailer Blueprints
    A Mini-EDM System
    Streamlight, Inc.
    Wallace gantries cranes tripods and accessories p>
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