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These pages are for Citroen enthusiasts.

I am Jouko Tompuri. I love old Citroen cars especially 2CVs and Camionnettes. In these pages I will explain something about my cars and my hobbies.

This is my Citroen Camionnette HY:
- model 1960
- colour grey-pink-white
- short model
- 1911 ccm gasoline engine
- electric system has been changed from 6V to 12V
- room for 2 adults and 3 little children for overnight
as we tested it in Nurmes 2CV World Meeting in 1993
- travelling speed 80 kmph
- top speed abt 100 kmph when 19"-400 tyres on
- consumption abt 11 - 13 liters/100 km
- last year lying in a barn

In Finland we have a Citroen Camionnette Fun Club. There are about 80 members. Most of cars have been used as camping cars.

I have found Fabian Sabatès/Wouter Jansens book 'le type H Citroen' very interesting. Only bad thing is that it is in french and I'm very poor in that. Is there any english H-books? If you have information about Citroen Camionnettes (HY, HZ,H..) please send me some lines by e-mail.

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