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Nestled in the beautiful Colorado Mountains where you can enjoy nature and all ethereal things life has for us

This is my darling son,Garrett Paul..(if he saw me call him darling he would kill me).*LOL*..He got all the looks... *S*He he is my bestest friend in all the world.*s*

Dedicated to my friends I've met on the net and my friends I've made in my life...CLH,CoRy©,Angela,Moondansyr:),Twin mom, Stanley, Cheryl,LindaR,LindaM,Ozpeter,Tom,Pat,Jan,Darrell,Cande,Lenord, Janice,Leapon, Bob H. Bob R, Beachinit, Ed,Dusty,Jennifer,Mike,Richard,Mudhole,Sunshine Mudhole(the Mudholes are real names too,great story behind those names) ROTFL,Colleen©,Dig, TwinMom,Kimberly©,Caryn, Danielle, Steve,Dreamcatcher, Ken,JamesD©, She, Winter Wolf, Lee, Leatherman, Hawkeye©, Fred, Joyce,The Silent Sophist©, Jenbug©, Too Sweet, Thor, Cimbri, GQ SMOOTH©,Hacker, Hacker's Honey,GMO(M), Sweet Sherry, Knight Of The Realm, Buttercup®,Dean........thank you for all you love and support,laughs and giggles.... and if there is anyone who's name isn't here. You are here in my heart. May love, peace and joy abound in your hearts

As the eagle soars high and with courage,let us also soar like an eagle though the trials of life and let all good deeds be done in LOVE!!!!

Blows sweet angelic kisses to all those who hit this page

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