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Yes, I did ski Jackson Hole in Feb of 2007. Story to be posted soon...

North Carolina Skiing!!
What a trip - NC Blizzard of 2000
In mid-January, it snowed 21" in the Raleigh, NC area. Since my lot is long, narrow, and mostly on a hill, I broke out my skis and ripped! The snow was light and dry and I skied for 4 or 5 days straight - this was one of the most memorable weeks of my life.
The jump to start the run
The Ski Area
50' of vert! .2 acres of skiiable terrain!
Northeast Ski Trip '99
Wildcat, Sunday River, and Cannon Mtn.
What a great time!!

Tons of pics, but I've "rigged" it so you won't have to wait for them to load as you read the story.


Trip 99

Alta and Snowbird
I was treated to skiing Alta (2.5 days) and Snowbird (1 day) in Feb of 98! The story has taken forever to write, so I might just make this a pictoral. We'll see... What I do have to say is: "WOW!! Y'all can stay in CO, I'm going to Utah!" Can you say incredible terrain, steeps, chutes, and powda? Well, that's what I skied EVERY DAY!

Alta Trail Map - Supreme Side (300K)

Alta Trail Map - Germ/Wildcat Side (280K)

Snowbird Trail Map (245K)

Some of the pics: (but there's more to come!!)

Joe and Laurie

sequences taken on STH at Snowbird.

Many pics (with thumbnails)

Previous Ski Trips:

Copper Mtn and Keystone
December, 97


March, 1997
(Hint: I had an awsome time!!)
my first story on this page :-)

Squaw Valley

Feburary, 1997
long version, if you're really bored
or, condensed version


August 1997 Vancouver Island and Vancouver, British Columbia trip (under construction)

The next 3 pictures are from the travels of Powder8:
These pics are excellent quality. It's hard to get this kind of perspective in a ski photo. This is great photography!
Photography by Tiki

LD going big at Whistler

This pic is from a fellow ASC Cyberlodger, skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb, BC. We can all dream about skiing there, AND, having the guts to actually take a 20' jump, but he's doing it!
Photography by Tiki

Todd in some steep and deep

(not to mention the trees!) at Whistler

LD coming in for a landing.

Skier: LD Location: Val Thoren, French Alps - March, 95
Photo Credit: Lance C.

Famous quote: "I landed on my head, and blacked out for a second, but it was worth it! Total yard-sale."

Some other favorite pics:

This is Sugarbush in NOVEMBER?!!!



And, did somebody say "gimme some steeps"?

Sugarbush info:

Old Sugarbush lift verticals

Sugarbush expansion "plans" (270K) I reference "plans" because they're never final until the environmental nazis agree to them. This was provided by "Bonk" in the ASC Cyberlodge.

Aerials Only shot of Sugarbush South

Misc Stuff:

Eastern Skiing .vs. Western: My Ever Humble :) Opinion of the Eastern Ski experience versus the Western version.

1997/98 ASC Skier Visit Table (plucked from a post on the Cyberlodge)

Some of my favorite links are below...

The green ribbon campaign calls for free responsible speech on the Internet.

Series of 5 sermons our church gave concerning the Mormon faith.

Something I wrote up challenging the ridiculous Evolutionary theory

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(some of the skiing page links were removed due to outdated url's)

Stavesacre Home Page These guys RAWK! One of my favorite Christian Rock bands.

Another great Christian rock band is Sixpence None The Richer. Their first 2 CD's offer a very unique sound that is difficult to categorize, other than as "mesmerizing music." Their web site is under construction - .

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