Welcome to Eric's Web Page

and thanks for coming. I have added a few new topics to my web presence, and you may notice that they are somewhat related. In the interest of easy navigation, I will try to put some sort of a table of contents here instead of just running at the mouth. My current favorite hobbies revolve around archery and swords, but there are other things I want to get in here also.

The oldest part of this site, and still the most popular is my Bowyers' Page. I won't feel bad if you just skip on to it and bookmark that page :-) If your interest is in traditional archery in general, let me recommend a visit to Stickbow and to Primitive Archer Magazine.

The other active focus in my life is swords. I teach modern sabre at the Sacramento Fencing Club in Sacramento, CA. I also teach historical rapier fencing from my home. I don't have anything on the web about this yet, but I highly recommend visiting MyArmoury and the Sword Forum Magazine Online.

If you are a history re-enactor, and like making your own equipment, I have some links you may find useful.

In 1997 I took a three month trip through Europe, and have webbed many of my pictures from the trip.

I have also been researching my family tree, and have that information posted elsewhere.

I bought a house! Take a look at the pictures!

What else I do....