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ActiveWorlds Tour

In order to be able to "teleport" into ActiveWorlds (links below right), you need to have:
  • an "ActiveWorlds browser", which you can download here;
  • a mime compatible browser, like Netscape or Explorer;
  • 16MB RAM/Pentium with Windows 95/NT, SLIP/PPP connection.
Otherwise, you can go on a "low-res" preview tour above (click on the posters!!), or select some of the "high-res" screen captures below (left).

If you are mainly interested in the pictures, visit the 2D home gallery instead.

Open JPEG image: Teleport: AW Map:
(71KB; 640x512)
Dutch Castle
54S 108W
(37KB; 640x480)
Glass Tower
888N 444W

(67KB; 640x396)
Virtual Gallery
888N 436W

If you are more into VRML and have a capable browser, take a look at:

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