Yeah, it's me :)

catsailor, windsurfer, diver, biker, traveller, kick-box frmr coach, frmr folk dancer, frmr karate fan, frmr jogger, graduated statical designer, english-german-russian-serbian speaking person, club dancer, snowboarder, deep sea fishing boat driver & assistant :) owned electrical repair workshop, tought kids math, physics..., calculated static through the studies, as an engineer worked in frm Yugoslavia (Belgrade), Israel ( Beer-Sheva ), Russia ( Sibera, Moscow ), did some internet research in Belgrade , worked in Moscow, Russia, worked as an Internet designer during '97 & '8. Worked as an Windsurfing & Catamaran sailing instructor in the Lhohifushi , Kuredu, Kurumba resorts in the Maldives in 2005&6 since diving is my hobby :). Intrested for the well payed job. Know some - drop me a line. Currently ,2007, private supervisor for statical design on the sites in Belgrade.

Vissagio is the name I choosed from the fiction I browsed 2 years ago, but still haven't forgot it. Powerfull but scary idea, somehow conected with myself life story so far. Anyway, that's how I used to call a girl I new, some modelling capricorn :). Like, in a few days I should change background colors & add a few pics :). so far, so good :))))))))))).

like ... '97 update :)

guess who wins the Luke skywalker ?

the girl that usually doesn't tricks me; sometimes hard to find; ( btw she's got somebody )

proof that german wifes don't hate men, work for their money and don't use their snatches to slice brothers in peaces :), so some of them manage to write fairy tales till deep into their ages

team leader's girlfriend did some video while we prepared on the Lucice Adriatic beach, Montenegro

me doing the Black sea back in '91

I'm the first one to hit the water, like allways :)

'97 (I need to hurry right now, since I'm supposed to pack things for the diving & windsurfing occasion in Adriatic's H.Novi city, more pics from that site including underwater world coming up when I get back :)))))) After comeback I made some pages and even won a prize for one of them.

Next page ? Go for it ! .

Resume in English ? Go for it ! .

Resume in Deutsch ? Go for it ! .

Resume in Serbian ? Go for it ! .

My documents ? Go get them ! .

frmr Red Star capital wandering site ? check it out ! .

windsurfing site ? real nasty one :) .

another windsurfing site ? real cool one :) .

odd frmr karate fun ? real funny serious one :) .

scuba diving site ?... p.s. squeeze that mice.

elected the YU best site in july '97 ... that was a bed time :).

summer city buzzing site...motorbiking.

the great Ada lake pictorial... motorbiking.

the '91 girlfriend ... boating.

the city's best bikers track...motorbiking & biking.

biker's dream around Athens... growing & motorbiking.

walker's dream around NY city... dreaming & walking.

frmr dance scene ... growing while dancing :) .

the ancient folk dance pictorial... like, a former folk dancer :).

... like, I had fun while purchasing my burton :).

... how I started digging the world around me:).

... me in the air back in the '91 :).

... me with other stuff at Lohifushi Isle :).

... me one hour after the '99 first midnight :).

... me doing MALDIVES.

... my millenium shift Girlfriend.

... summer holliday 2000.

... supervising structural design in Belgrade during 2000 - 2005 .

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