Pictures of of Our Working Vacation to Germany, July 1999.

The day we arrived my colleagues from our company took us to a typical German beer garden. The location was in the town of Wolfratshausen, in southern Bavaria. Karen and I are in the right front of this picture.
This is Karen and me outside of the castle Linderhof. We are standing in front of one of the many flower gardens at this castle. This was one of several castles that King Ludwig II built in the late 1800's. Our friends Uli and Gabi took us to this castle.
WIDTH=310  HEIGHT=263  ALT= This is one of the many beautiful Bavarian churches we visited. This one is Ettal. It is 900 meters (2700 feet) above sea level, and is located in a narrow valley in the Bavarian Alps foothills. It is approximately 3-4 miles from the castle Linderhof and dates back to April 28, 1330.
This is a picture of one of the alters in another church we visited. The beauty in this church is beyond words. The interior of many of the churches are too beautiful to describe and the pictures cannot convey the real beauty.
This is the castle Neuschwanstein. It is the one that Disney copied his from. In the king's bedroom, 14 wood carvers worked for 4.5 years just to hand carve the spirals on the top of his bed. This castle dates to the late 1800's and was built by King Ludwig II. He installed hot and cold running water, a working toilet and basin in his bedroom, and a central heating system. From the castle you can see out across a valley and two lakes for miles. You really can't get a feeling for the size of this castle until you stand beside it. The towers are 4 stories or more in height.
Here Karen and I are standing on the top of a 8000+ foot mountain in the Bavarian Alps. The sign beside us indicates the border between Austria and Germany. We rode a Karwendelbahn (cable car) up this mountain. We are wearing light jackets as the temp was about 55 F on top of the mountain in early August when we were here. There were places on this mountain that still had some snow on it. As we enjoyed a snack at the cable car station, we watched clouds passing by and covering part of the mountain. The cable car was in the town of Mittenwald.
This was a parade that we watched in the town of Mittenwald. The town was celebrating its 900th anniversary. The floats and people in the parade represented the different people who crossed the Bavarian Alps and settled in the town over the years. To see this parade was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We were very glad that our host, Roland, suggested we attend this event.
We had lunch a restaurant on this lake after our hosts, Hans and Rosemary took us to the castle Neuschwanstein.

We had a wonderful time and were treated first class by our friends from our company in Bavaria. The mountains, lakes, and towns are beautiful. The food is excellant, althought we often ate entirely took much. I am jealous of Karen though. As she was traveling down the autobahn with our friend Tanja, Karen ask, "how fast is 240 KPH?" They were traveling at 140 MPH! Karen has one up on me since the fastest I've ever been in a car is 115 MPH. Karen managed to see more in the eight days we were there then I have seen in the 6-7 times I have been to Germany. She also used the excuse when shopping that, "she didn't understand the exchange rate so she didn't know how much she was spending. Likely story!

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