Modifications and Changes to my 1999 2655 Ciera

The first modification I did was install a MST Guardian fresh water flushing system on the engine. The boat is stored in a boatel and this is the only way I could flush the salt water out of the engine. Next I installed an hour meter to track engine useage. In the spring of 2004 I installed a Garmin 182C color GPS, and a Xintex CO detector for when I am running my Honda 2000EU generator, so I can enjoy a hot shower at the end of the day. I changed the galley faucet as the original one spilled water all over the counter. The outlet for the new one is centered over the sink instead of on the edge. The replacement came from Home Depot for $35.

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My $20 Wal-Mart "Marine Grill"

Bait cutting table used to hold grill

Back of bait table showing stainless
steel brackets to prevent grill legs from falling
through the open back of the table

Screen door for cabin door, all parts
came from Lowes Home Improvment
Store at at total cost of $10

Screen door with hatch closed

OD: Top=25.5" Sides=47" Bottom=16"

Faucet that came on boat

Replacement faucet to keep water in the
sink instead of all over the counter

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