For Christmas of 2004 my wife gave me a gift certificate to a local Christian bookstore.  In searching for something I wanted to purchase with my gift certificate, I selected a book by Steve Chapman called With God on a Deer Hunt©.  I had only read about three chapters from Steve’s book when early one morning I heard God speak to me down in my spirit and say, “You should write a book like this about fishing.” 

I started writing my book in February 2005 and finished the actual writing in January 2006.  It took me another 5 months to get all the various chapters in chronological order, the manuscript proof read, and all the corrections made.  On June 28, 2006 I received the first copies of my book which I called, Reel Peace on the Chesapeake Bay©.  The book was published by Derek Press and is distributed by Pathway Bookstore. The book is available on line at: Pathway Bookstore or by phone at: 800-553-8506. It is also available at

 The book is a daily devotional based around my fishing and boating experiences on the Chesapeake Bay.  I have a scripture verse for each chapter, I tell a story about my 50 plus years of fishing or boating experiences, then have a life application of what that Bible verse means to me today.  In the book I share topics such as the importance of spending time with the family God has given me, how to experience God’s supernatural protection, how to pray to God and get my prayers answered, and how to experience God’s peace and healing like I did when I lost my wife of 30 years to cancer.

Whatever your favorite pastime may be - golf, quiet walks, gardening, or some other outdoor sport, the principles I share in my book will apply to your life. You will find yourself relaxing and enjoying my fishing and boating stories, but you will also find yourself searching and taking inventory of your own life.

 I never thought that I would write a book.  It was truly at the leading and inspiration of God that I penned this book.  For over a year I kept a pad of paper and a pen on the nightstand next to my bed and I would write down scriptures or examples for the stories in the book as God would bring them to my remembrance.  

 I remember being in a small church revival service in the early 1980’s.  At the close of the service the evangelist looked and me and told me that one day I would write a book.  I thought to myself, “yea right”.  Well over 25 years later I have my “first” book published.

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