Corvettes at Carlisle 2000

Pictures from Corvettes at Carlisle 2000

Corvettes at Carlisle is one of, the if not the largest, corvette shows in the world. If you cannot find the car or part to buy at this event, then it is probably not available. This is the forth year I have attended. The last three years I have parked with the 40 Anniversary Registry Group, down on the fun field display.

On Saturday it took me over 40 minutes just to get onto the fairground once I was within 3 blocks of the gate.

This is the main concession area for food. You can get an idea of just how many people attend this event.
A great looking ZR1, that had a modified engine, and could turn the quarter in the low 10's.
Here is a C3 with a 454 RAT motor going for a pull on the dyno that was present.
They sold everything here, including bikinis, and a model to show them off.
The rear view was almost as interesting as the front.
I'm not sure what she was selling, but it sure was worth taking the time for a look!
For the man who has just about everything, a motorized bar stood, complete with gasoline powered engine. What would you tell your other half? Honey I wrecked while driving the stool home?
My car parked among the other "Rubies".

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