Corvettes at Carlisle 1998

Corvettes at Carlisle was another great gathering of corvettes enthusiasts and their fiberglass machines. I attended along with my fiancee on Friday and Saturday, August 28-29, 1998. We joined a caravan of corvettes from the Corvette Annapolis club. There were 7 vettes that made the trip from Annapolis. We spent 7-8 hours wondering among the vendors selling everything imaginable for corvettes. It was great to fellowship with other owners, especially those we have met over the Internet. We attended a dinner on Saturday night with approximately 30 other 40th anniversary edition owners. The dinner was organized by Dale Gray, webmaster for the 40th anniversary registry website. If you like corvettes, you owe it to yourself to attend next year's show held the end of August.

Everywhere you looked there was nothing but fiberglass beauties. On Staurday they closed the fairgrounds at 10:30 because they ran out of parking spaces.
This is the tent set up by the 40 th Anniversary Regeristry.
Here is my car.
Here is a ZR1 about to do a "pull" on the portable dynometer that was there. Cars were lined up all day wating their turn on the dyno.
This was the dinner on Saturday night, arranged by Dale Gray. It was for members of the 40 th Anniversary Registry.

The unique story of how I got my corvette

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