Reloading Bench

At work they were cleaning up and in the process throwing some things away. The workbench I got has a butcher block top that I think is maple since I had to drill holes for the screws to mount the shelves to prevent them from snapping off. I made the shelves across the back. I keep my reloading manuals in the drawer on the right. The small plastic boxes hold shell holders, cleaning supplies, primers, etc. I store shotgun wads in the large plastic box on the shelf under the bench. Lighting is provided by a 4-foot shop light mounted over the bench.

I designed the mount for the press and also the shotgun re-loader so they could be moved and the bench used for other purposes such as cleaning.  The press is mounted on a scrap piece of 1/4 inch aluminum and is held to the bench top with a stove bolt at the back and two small C-Clamps at the front. There are two aluminum rails on the mount that are 1 inch x 1/2 inch to stop the mount from flexing.

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