Pictures of some of our fish and boat.

Remember, never believe a fisherman without pictures to prove his catch. After all, all fisherman stretch the truth except you and me, and lately I'm not so sure about you!

ALT="Rockfish" This striped bass weighed 17 pounds and was 36 inches long. No matter what my wife says, I was only letting her hold "my" fish.I was trolling just south of Annapolis, MD when this fish was taken.
Here is a doubleheader of two nice croaker taken on an ultra-light rod while fishing at the "Puppy Hole" out of Crisfield, MD in August 1997.
ALT="Her Flounder" This is a flounder taken in the lower Chesapeake Bay off of Virginia.
ALT="Croaker" This croaker was one of 35 that we caught during a two day outing at the "Puppy Hole" out of Crisfield, MD in July 1997.
ALT="Blue Angel" This is my wife and I fishing in our boat, "Blue Angel" in Indian River Inlet, Delaware in 1996.
ALT="Jet-Ski" This is my daughter riding our jet ski in the Rhode River, which is off the Chesapeake Bay.

Pictures from my bluefin tuna trip in July 1997

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