A Tribute to My Wife

How does one go about describing what it is like to be married to the perfect mate for almost 30 years? How does one describe the loss of a mate like Darlene? You see, she was called by the God she served all her life, to heaven on March 22, 1998.

Darlene was many things to me. She was my wife, my lover, the mother of my children, my fishing buddy, and my very best friend on this earth. Ours was truly a marriage that was chosen by God, and made first in heaven before on this earth.

I think that most people will remember two things about Dar. One she always had wore a smile, and two her love for other people. I can honestly say in the last 15 years that we never fought, and seldom had any serious disagreements. I know that this was only possible because Jesus Christ was at the center of our marriage. It was Godís love, and our love for each other that made our marriage what it was. We both thought and told each other that the other one was our personal blessing from God.

I remember about 13 years ago that when I asked her why she was not eating dinner that night she said that God had called her to a fast. After fasting about 4-5 days I asked her when she would start eating again. She replied when God told her to stop fasting. During this entire time she continued to cook meals for the children and myself. She fasted for 40 days only drinking liquids, eating several bananas and one salad during the entire 40 days. When it was over she said that the fast had been for me because God had told her that satan was going to attack me. I only know personally of one other person in this lifetime who was spiritually mature enough to fast for 40 days.

She had a walk with the Lord that I know I was personally envious of. I donít know of anyone who spent more time studying Godís Word, praying for others, or just fellowshipping with Jesus. I found a card just after her passing while cleaning out a drawer in our bedroom. I think she wrote this in 1993. On it she had written: "8 years ago I asked (God) not to allow me to be on the outside of things that happened spiritually. January 1, 1985, while in the car". I think her sister Ruth said it best several weeks ago when she told Darlene, "when I think of a Christian, I think of you".

I liked the way she would see Godís handiwork in the things many of us take for granted. These included, a babyís smile, a cuddly puppy, a sunset, mountains, or the Grand Canyon. She was the one who told me about Jesus Christ returning for the people who had excepted Him as their personal Saviour. I owe my salvation to Jesus, and to her for praying for me the first 7 years of our marriage, for me to accept the sacrifice that He made for my sins. We would often joke with each other, that even though Jesus said He was preparing a mansion for each of us in heaven, we wanted to share one together, throughout all eternity.

Even though Darlene is in heaven, I still see her in the things of beauty that God has created. When I see God painting the sky at sunset Iíll think of her. I know that when I leave this earth, either by way of the grave or when Jesus Christ returns for His church, Iíll see Darlene worshipping God, and walking those streets of gold. I know that I am a better person, because of all of the men in this world, God allowed me to marry Darlene.

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