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    Allow me to welcome you to my personal web site!  I've dedicated this site part in memory of friends both near and far, living and passed on, & to the restless spirit of the adventurer who is never satisfied with just one facet of life.  I welcome your comments and contributions to making this site better.  I am also pleased to share with you some of the grand adventures that I have experienced in my life.  As things in my life develop, so will the content of this site so feel free to visit often, you never know when I might add something new and exciting!


          Everyone Dies. Not everyone can say they've really lived!

  If my site were to have a theme it would have to be "Reach for the Sky!"  Believe me, I spend a lot of time trying to accomplish that either through flying or skydiving. 

I hope you enjoy my work on this site and I hope you find it both interesting and entertaining. Please visit often, I will try to keeps things updated.

 Blue Skies and clean climbing!

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