Keithley Creek is an Historical Site and Ranch located at British Columbia, Canada.

Camping, Fishing, Hiking,Nature Photography, ATV/Horseback Riding and Gold Panning are the main attractions to the area.

No Hunting Allowed, But You Can Shoot Pictures!

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A Photo Of The Townsite And Ranch From A Nearby Mountain.

Keithley Creek is a Townsite, that in the eighteen hundreds had a population of 100,000 people mostly miners seeking their fortunes at the rich Gold Fields of the area.The name came from Doc Keithley who discovered a vast amount of Gold in the Creek.

The Townsite and Ranch around the site is in private ownership but can be visited by appointment. Keithley Creek was the last stop before Barkerville and the Farm/Ranch that is still part of the townsite supplied most of the food for Barkerville in the Summertime during the Gold Rush.

Here is a list of some Historical Pictures of the Keithley Creek Townsite in the mid 1800s to View;

A Miners Cabin on the Creek; The Boys in front of a Larger Cabin.
The Keithley Creek Hotel; One of the first Cabins Built
Chinatown At Keithley Creek; The Ranch that Produced the Areas Food Supply

Photos of Cariboo Lake that Borders on the Ranch. "CLICK
Photos of the Area On and Around the Ranch . "CLICK