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Jens Anna Michael

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Denmark Slovakia Spain England

Residences of the Perregaard family :

photo3544_mini.jpg (19424 bytes) Summer Virksund (Skive) 
Ciudad Quesada  (Alicante) Spain
Royal Leamington Spa,
Vacation mostly North America

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Family members:

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Born in Slovakia, retired mechanical engineer from the company Cool Sorption A/S , where she worked as project manager for Vapour Recovery Units. You can click here  for a review of 50 years of her life.

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Born in Denmark, Ph.D. from Århus University, retired from the company H. Lundbeck A/S where he previously worked as head of The Department of Medicinal Chemistry. You can click here  for a review of 50 years of his life.

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(son). Born in Denmark, studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA until 2002 (click here for his photopage). Now working as a software developer in Royal Leamington Spa, England. You can see a nice collection of pictures from his childhood by clicking here.

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Picasso Our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog (died in the summer 1998, 9 years old).

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Bianca Our new female Golden Retriever  (born August 3rd 1999 and arrived in our family January 23 rd,  2000). You can click here  for a Review of her life with us updated_tiny.gif (161 bytes) or a Poem for Bianca written by Anna (Danish version).

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Brutus  Our friendly, but departed feline (died in winter 1997, 10 years old). 

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Our main interest is travelling to beautiful places on Earth. You can enter and enjoy travelogues and pictorial details from our many travels by clicking on the following links :

paw_right.gif (91 bytes)  North America in general 
paw_left.gif (90 bytes) Our first travel to the USA 92  
paw_right.gif (91 bytes) Exploring the mountanous west of USA and Canada 93
paw_left.gif (90 bytes)  Winter trip to Florida 95
paw_right.gif (91 bytes) Autumn 98 travel to North Eastern USA and Ontario, Canada 
paw_left.gif (90 bytes) Spring 99 travel to the Southern and Eastern USA
paw_right.gif (91 bytes) Visit to Quebec and New England states, 2001
paw_left.gif (90 bytes) Our home in Spain  updated_tiny.gif (161 bytes)
         (trip to Mallorca 1999/2002updated_tiny.gif (161 bytes)
          trip to Tenerife 2000
          trip to Portugal 2002/2003)
paw_right.gif (91 bytes)  Our home in Denmark updated_tiny.gif (161 bytes)
paw_left.gif (90 bytes)  Slovakia 2001/2003
paw_right.gif (91 bytes) Central USA and Monterrey (Mexico) 2005
paw_left.gif (90 bytes) Argentina and Chile 2007  (Click for Travelpage  -  Click for photopage)new_tiny2.gif (131 bytes)
paw_right.gif (91 bytes) Central and South-East of Mexico 2008new_tiny2.gif (131 bytes)

New trips on the schedule:
paw_right.gif (91 bytes)  Summer trip to Lapland and Nordkap, Scandinavian Peninsula
 paw_left.gif (90 bytes) Northbound to Alaska
paw_right.gif (91 bytes) Australia and New Zealand
paw_left.gif (90 bytes)  East - West : Across Northern USA and Southern Canada
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Other Interests are indicated below :

camera1.gif (259 bytes)   Photography - Click to see a selection of our  picturesque shots.

flamingo.gif (279 bytes)  Nature and Wild Life Watching  - (to appear)
potato.gif (245 bytes)   Gardening   -  (to appear)


artist1b.gif (390 bytes)   Artwork updated_tiny.gif (161 bytes) -   See Anna's  water colour, acrylic or oil paintings

moon2b.gif (179 bytes)   Philosophy of Life - Anna's philosophy and  her view on ancient philosophy and religion (Danish version)   
                                           - Poems  


exp0b.gif (290 bytes)   Science - Click  to get a survey of Jens's scientific work.

computer.gif (1060 bytes)   Computers and Internet - Click  to access computer interests. 

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camera1.gif (259 bytes)  Photo Album - Click  for photos of the Perregaard family. updated_tiny.gif (161 bytes)

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