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Little Anna Salko - called Anicka by family, was born in 1948 in Budca in the middle of Slovakia and Europe.

My home the first 21 years  was a nice integrated homestead with a water mill and a farm situated in the beautiful nature in the small Slovak village Budca close to the historical town Zvolen.  The mill and the farm were Salko family properties for generations, but  were expropriated by the Czechoslovakian communist government in 1953 .
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Family photo taken in Budca 1953 by uncle Jan ( my mothers brother) showing my mother Anna, father Gejza, grandmother Johanna (mothers mother), three of my 5 brothers Albin, Milan and Pavel (see large photo) and 3 children of my uncle.      
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Me and my little brother Jan, called Janko at the " Radvansky" marked close to Banska Bystrica, which we have visited with our grandmother every year.   

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My first communion in the catholic church of Budca
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Participating at one of the religious feast in Budca church wearing a national costume  
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  1st May celebration in Zvolen.
As participant of our schools handball team marching down the streets.
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Graduation celebration at Zvolen Technical School in 1967.


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France - Summer 1968
My first visit to Western Europe,
an adventure full of new exciting experiences.   

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 The most important experience on this French visit was my stay in an international camp in "Les Landes" in South France, where among other young people I met Jens from Denmark and fell in love with him.             

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Saying goodbye to Jens in Zvolen  after his visit in Slovakia
summer 1969  was finished.
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    10th January 1970 me and Jens were married at the romantic medieval castle in Zvolen in Slovakia 
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The following wedding reception was held in my parents house in Budca


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and 6 months later, when I got exit permit from Czechoslovakia a new wedding reception was held  at Jens's parents house in Fousing in Denmark

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My first home in Denmark was a modern apartment in Aarhus in Jutland, were Jens was studying at the University and I had  a job as a technical assistant in a company O.G.Hoeyer, producing mechanical plants for ice-cream industry.

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I was enjoying my new homeland and particularly the sea was the largest attraction for me.

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Happy couple waiting a new family member.
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On a cold December night in 1971 our lovely son Michael was born.
Photo is from his Baptist celebration
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He has given me a lot of pleasure in my life, as here on picnic to one of Denmark highest peaks "Himmelbjerget" (147m)
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Or here on a larger trip -   Europe around, showing Michael at the old school in France, where Jens and I met each other 15 years earlier. 
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My next home in Denmark was a little charming house in Oelstykke 40 km west of Copenhagen. We moved here in 1977, when Jens got job in Copenhagen.
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I got job at the company Flaekt, first as a technical assistant, later as project engineer on production of different air cleaning plants.
Here I am in South Africa on a business trip for Flaekt.
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In the spare time  my favorite interests were gardening and horse riding as here,

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or painting, which is still one of my main interests.
See my art gallery on the main home page

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In 1988 we have moved to our new house in Jaegerspris close to  Roskilde fjord. I have enjoyed to be  architect and designer of the house.
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Here we have enlarged our family with new members, a cat Brutus and a dog Picasso, who have enriched my life with many happy hours, as here, where me and Picasso are watching television together.  

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The most important of my jobs was a project manager job at the company Cool Sorption in Copenhagen (1985-1997). Here I am in front of the Vapour Recovery Plant supervised by me and delivered to the Slovak oil company Benzinol. 

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The summer holidays were spent in  different countries, but my favorites are the American Southwest States as here, were I am staying under the famous Delicate Arch in Utah.


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The winter holidays were spent mostly in Norway and it was always a very joyful and relaxing time in our busy lives.


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My mother  was always great support in my life, unfortunately she passed away i 1994. The photo is from her last visit in Denmark.
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Other very important person in my live is still my son Michael
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and  my husband Jens.
Here we are celebrating our Silver Wedding (25 years of our marriage)
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In 1997 a lot of radical changes happened in my life. I decided to retire from my job,  we have sold our house in Jaegerspris and moved to a summerhouse 10 km away. Here we  are spending the summers now
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and after Jens has retired in 1998 we are spending winters in our other house, which is situated in Spain at Costa Blanca of Mediterranean Sea.
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Here I have celebrated my 50th birthday in October 1998

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