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Bianca is a little golden Retriever puppy we got from a kennel in La Nucia, Spain. She was more than 5 months old when we went for her. She had lived her first months among a lot of other dogs with limited contact to humans, so she was a little shy when she came to our house. In the beginning when she missed her dog friends from the kennel she went to our oven to admire the sweet puppy in the mirror.
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Her preference is inside our house and mostly on a carpet. She likes very much one of Michael's teddy bears. When we try to take it away from her she will hide it in a corner in our study room. 
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The first days she was also very keen to lick our hands to get some good friends. Now she will only lick to beg for food.
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After some days she was much more relaxed and enjoyed very much life on our carpets.
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Normally she will not be allowed in our sofas or bed, but there are exceptions as you see on this photo.

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In our garden she preferred to hide behind one of our large cypress trees in a corner. It was a quiet and shady spot for her.         

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She would also bring her food to this nice corner as here a nice tasty bone.   
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After a few days she went more freely around in the garden, where we could relax on the terrace.
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Now she also enjoys the life outside our gates. As here where she is watching Jens doing paint work on our boundary walls.  
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It is wonderful to go for a walk with her. She is well trained to follow us both with or without a leash. She never gets tired of climbing the mountains in Ciudad Quesada. So she is good exercise for us.

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The beach is her preferred playground. Along our Spanish cost we have some fantastic beaches with sand and dunes. She likes very much jumping around in these dunes, and digging holes for sticks.

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Generally she will not need to be on leash but she is so happy to meet other dogs that we have to be careful
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At the beginning she was afraid of the sea.  But when Anna had assured her that there were no dangers she approached the water. She has even had a taste (but too salty).
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Enjoying the views from the dunes a late afternoon.
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Trying to drag Anna away from the big water.
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A very happy dog running in the dunes

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Next to the sea she enjoys very much walking in the mountains. Every morning we take a walk around Quesada up in the hills where she likes to climb stones. She is very happy to walk without her leash

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The area around Quesada is very dry and very agreeable for walking.
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Enjoying a break on our favorite stone in the morning
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Below the Quesada family castle early in the morning
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With Anna on her favorite viewing spot probably with a nice view to a sunrise
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Still too early in the morning for a walk. And today was her half year birthday so as an exception she was allowed to sleep comfortably.
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The first couple of times she was very unhappy to enter our car and we had to carry her inside. But soon she found out that a trip in the car led to a nice walk on the beach or in the mountains. So now she jumps very happy inside the car to her back seat.
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One afternoon she met some very good friends in Guardamar. A family from Holland had brought two Golden Retrievers to Spain for holidays.
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Now after 2-3 weeks she is exploring all our house and likes to be both on the top on our sunterrace or as here with Anna in our patio.

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