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Teresa & Bryce - 8/99

About Me -  

I am an adult rider located in Maryland, USA - USCTA Area II.   Bryce and I competed in our first event in 1996 riding at the Novice Level.  We moved up to Training Level in June of '98, and competed at that level until August of '99, when we made our Preliminary debut.  Completing a Preliminary course was very exciting;  but I realized that we need a lot of work before becoming competitive at that level!

During the Spring of 2000, we will begin our season with several Training Level events while working hard on our dressage and stadium schooling.  If all goes to plan, I hope to do another Preliminary HT late spring or early summer.

About Bryce - 

Bryce Be Quick is a 1989, 15.2 hand bay TB.  He was bred and sold as a yearling in Ocala Florida.    Bryce raced in Pennsylvania as a 2,3, and 4yo, making 30 starts.  He won 2 races and placed 3rd 5 times before realizing that he would rather be an event horse.  I purchased him in 1994.   Click here to see Bryce's pedigree.

Where We've Been 
  Where We're Going
Middletown HT (Tr)- 9th Place Redland Horse Trials (Tr)
Loudoun Hunt HT (Tr) - 4th Place Fair Hill @ Menfelt
Redland HT (Tr) - 3rd Place Michael Page Clinic - June 6-7)
MCTA HT (Tr) - 3rd Place Olney HT
Waredaca HT (Tr) - 3rd Place Millbrook EC Training Week - July 3-10
Elysian Hills HT (Tr) - 5th Place Fair Hill HT @ Fair Hill
FHI @Fairhill (Prelim) - Completed Seneca Valley HT
Seneca Valley HT (Tr) - 2nd Place Waredaca HT


1999 Year-End Awards

MCTA Sr. Training Horse of the year - Castlebar Memorial Trophy
MCTA Sr. Training Rider (Training & Above) - Charles A. Laubach Trophy
USCTA Area II - 2nd Place - Sr. Training Rider
USCTA 5th Place - National Awards


About The 'Kids' -

These cute critters from L-R are Fuzz, Divot and Casey.  They are all Shetland Sheepdogs.  Shelties are very well known for their energy and intelligence.  If you would like to learn more about this breed, please visit the AKC(American Kennel Club) web page.  If you would like to see more photos of the 'kids', please click here.