Sailing through vast voids

exploring the farthest isolated islands

islands surrounded by endless oceans (sailing)
islands surrounded by outer space (astronomy)
islands surrounded by emotional tears (composing and singing)

Sailing,star gazing and singing,look different to each other,but a common principle lies beneath them:

well,at least I feel so when anchored at 'Lemmings cove' (I allways give names of my own to places I discover with my sailing boat).You can see me here playing keyboards and singing as the dusk falls.
music/pictures/mplaying.JPG - 19.7 K

the coast is steep but the sea always calm
sailing/boat1.JPG - 25.9 K

with a nice view from above.....sailing/boat2.JPG - 20.4 K

but believe me its a long,long way to be there.About 100 miles from Athens-Greece in a constant course of 162 degrees!It takes about 17 hours with a sailing speed of 6 knots.

sailing/sailing1.JPG - 20.1 K

Click here to see a map of Greece with all trips courses I did with my sailing boat 'Alexandra',here to see a sample of my boats traveling log,orhere to see more photos of strange Greek islands,known only to me and my boat.

This boat is also my musical studio,where I compose my songs,and write the lyrics.Then I develop them with my rock band named 'SLOW MOTION'.
If you're interested to see how everything started click here (sorry in Greek language only)
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