Travel: South-East Asia

Pictures from South-East Asia: Hong Kong and Macau

Above Left: Mario, Steven, and Bob posing as the three old man in the background. ... what are their names again?

Above Right: Mario and Steven in front of the seal for the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Aberdeen, Hong Kong Island. So why do we always have to listen to Alex and have to pose like this anyways? ;)

Left: The three musketeers at the burned down church in Macau. This place is so tiny that it took us half an hour to drive all over the city!

Below Left: Neat camera trick at the Waterfront in Kowloon overlooking Hong Kong Island.

Below Right: Old style Junk boat ... a contrast of old against the new Hong Kong skyline.

Above Left: Night shot in front of restaurant specializing in snake soup. Yup, we had some and it was pretty good!

Above Right: In a Macau highway ... you can see China on the background across the river.

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