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Deryck N. Robertson, C1076
975 Mount Pleasant Road
RR2, Cavan, Ontario L0A 1C0 (705) 799-2760
scouter@(nospam) (remove the nospam) or


This is my short wants list, listing those badges of which I do not have a current issue. To see what else I need, please see my collection page. This list is current as of July 10, 2000.

CAN/ONT A5a B9abcd C3abcefg C3/1a F5abce M1abce Misc.18a N6b O8abce P2abcd P4acd P8abc R1a R9ab S26ad S28/1a S3/1a T1ab W5acd

CAN/ALTA G4a H2abc K2a M4abc Misc.1abcdefgh Misc.2abcd N5ab N7abce P1abc S5abcd S14abc T2ac V1abc Y1abcd

CAN/BC A1b A4ab B9abc C10abcd C12ab C14abc C15a C18abc C2/1a C5a C7abcde C9abcde D3ac E5abcd F2abd F5ab K1ab K3abc K6ab K9ab L2ab M1abcd M7abcd M8abcde Misc. 2a N1abde N2a N5abc N6abcde N8a P1abcdef P4abcd Q1ab R1/2a R2a S1/1a S2abcd S5a S9b T2abcd T3a W3abc W3/1a W6a

CAN/PQ 3a B1ab C1ab C2abcde C6a C7a D2abc E2ab G1ab H1abcd K1a L4abcd L4/1a M2abc N3abc P1ab Q1abcd S11ab S13a S3abc S5abcd S6ab S8abcd Y1ab

CAN/MAN A5a B1abcd D1ab F1abc I1abc L1abcde Misc.3abce O1ab P1abc P6a P7a S1ab S2ab S7a T3abc T5abc T6abc W3abc Y1a

CAN/NS C1a D2a H2ac H7a Misc.1ab Q1ab S2a S3ab Y1abcde

CAN/NAT 1abcde 13abc 16ac 17a 20a 21a 7a

CAN/NB B1ab B4ab F3a G1a M1ab O1ac S3a W1a W2ab


CAN/NWT A1ab B1ab F3a G1bcd I2a I3a K1ab M1abc Misc.4abcd N1a

CAN/PEI Misc.1a Misc. 2a

CAN/SASK C1abcd C3ab C5a D1abc E1abc E1/2a M1abcd P2abc P6a W1ab W2ac W6b

This is not a complete list of my wants, just a listing of those badges where I do not have a current issue. This list is current as of July 10, 2000.