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Why did I move?

When I originally signed on with Geocities, all I had to do was put a small geocities graphic and link on my site as thanks to geocities for hosting my site. I didn't mind and it seemed fair, so I put it on my side frame (which I had at the time). That way it would appear on every single page. After I cut the frames, I put it on the bottom of each page. I was very grateful to have a free site for my web page.

However, despite the fact that I did this, over the last year Geocities has taken liberties with the integrity of my site by inserting banners and little logos on the bottom right corner of my page. At no time was I asked if I wanted this to happen and I was already supporting them by following their request.

Then geocities merged with Yahoo and changed the account structure. It took me 3 weeks of ridiculous 'automatic' e-mails before I finally got someone to understand my problem. I couldn't get my password for my new yahooID because they e-mailed it to an old e-mail account that I no longer had. I'm not sure why this was so confusing to whoever answered my e-mails, but for some reason it actually took about 7 frustrating e-mails and 3 weeks before I got what I needed.

With that final bit of information I am now able to say good bye and good ridance to yahoo/geocities. Woohoo! 1