What Campers Say...........And What They Really Mean

* I don't have to go to the bathroom.

I'll have to go in twenty minutes when the bathrooms are half a mile away from our hike.

*Can we have extra rest hour today?

We have something to giggle really loudly about today.

*Can we have swim hour with Bear and Fire Marshall Bill today?

We want to see you soaked.

*Can you start my gimp?

I'll be back in five minutes so you can start the same project again.

*Gee, counselors sure have a lot of privelages, hua?

It's not fair that you get to go in the kitchen and we don't.

*I'm not really a morning person.

There's no way in heck that you're going to get me to hop in the morning.

*We don't have to win the clean cabin award on Friday.

Let's trash the cabin.

*We want you to be in our skit for skit night.

We want to make a fool out of you in our skit for skit night.

*They're supposed to be sloppy; that's the point of sloppy joes.

You can't make me use a napkin.

*Can we play kickball with Day Group X?

I have a crush on a kid from Day Group X.

*Hmm. Snapple and granola bars. That's a nice idea for canteen.

Where's the stuff with caffein?!?!

*I wish we were in Negaunee Cabin.

I don't want to sweep the floor today.

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