Jenifer's Camp Michigamme Page Form

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Which cabins have you stayed in?

  1. Hancock
  2. Ishpeming
  3. Escanaba
  4. Negaunee
  5. Sault Ste. Marie
  6. Asbury
  7. Marquette
  8. Copper Country
  9. Lutey
  10. Meridith
  11. Rockland
  12. Wolf
  13. Young
  14. Pete and Jerm's
  15. Lakefront

What camps have you attended?

  • Mini-camp
  • Elementary 2
  • Elementary 3
  • Teddy Bear
  • Junior High 1
  • Junior High 2
  • Senior High
  • Music Camp
  • Games Camp
  • Family Camp What do you think of UDC?

    What position(s) have you had at camp?

    1. Camper
    2. Counselor
    3. Dean
    4. Staff
    5. Bum

    Which do you miss the most?

    How many camp romances have you had?

    1. None, I'm a loser
    2. None, I don't understand the concept of CRs
    3. None, I don't believe in CRs
    4. One, but never again!
    5. 1 to 3
    6. 3 to 10
    7. More than 10
    8. At least 3 a week
    9. Too many to count
    10. A couple bad CRs, but then found and stayed with an awesome one (okay, yeah, I wrote this form)
    11. 1 - and that's all I'll ever need because he/she's awesome (may we all be so lucky!)
    12. The entire population of camp (of my opposite sex) has been a CR for me at one time (don't laugh; I know people who have to mark this box!)
    Tell all about your favorite camp romance:

    What is your favorite camp vehicle?

    1. Domino
    2. The Camp Truck
    3. The Harley
    4. The Tractor

    Camp Bums love their names, but some people have suggested changing it.
    Which would be a better name for Camp Bums?

    1. Camp Zealots
    2. The Coolest People in the World
    3. You freaks suck!
    4. Wouldn't change the name Camp Bum for all the gimp in the world

    Who is your favorite camp song protagonist?

    1. Little Bunny Foo Foo
    2. The First Buzzard
    3. The Second Buzzard
    4. The Third Buzzard
    5. The Harlem Goat
    6. Johnny Applesead
    7. The Aunt who came back from any various country

      Which word or phrase scares you the most?

      Who is your favorite KISS memeber?

      1. Gene Simmons
      2. Paul Stanley
      3. Ace Frehley
      4. Peter Criss
      5. Eric Carr
      6. Vinnie Vincent
      7. Mark St. John
      8. Eric Singer
      9. Brice Kulick

      Peter Criss asks, "Beth what can I do?" What should her reply be?

      Who has the biggest problem?

        Christine Beth Domino Whoever is 16 when Gene's 93

      What do you think Gene wished for when he wished upon a star?

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