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Camp Songs

The Last Camp

By Gord Kendall, Brian Rice, and Tim Fritz

Chorus: Where of where can my cabin be?
It was dark out and I had to pee
I lost my flashlight and I couldn't get back
So I just went to Grace Hall and had a snack.

Here's a song about our week
It's not for the faint of heart or the meek
We stayed up all night to write this tune
It's not very good, but it's the best we could do
So here we go to sing our song
Once you learn it you can all sing along.

The campers arrived-went down to the lake
Ready for the swim test, but there was no Jake
So they had to wait and wait and wait
And wait and wait and wait and wait
Jake showed up and the first thing he said
was "Buddy check" we need to count every head

The Hopper Bell rang at five
We were ready to eat, but the food was still alive
Suddenly to my despair
We all noticed long strands of hair
It was a sorry excuse for UDC
Even Uncle Don said "None for me."

Late one night we were eating ice cream
Suddnely everyone started to scream
Took a whiff, and someone said,
"Oh man! Is something dead?"
The sulfur smell, we started to beg
Oh, Janet, please stop eating that egg

The plague of the camp wasn't lice
Wasn't locust, but it was mice
Little Prisk started to scowl
So he grabbed his flashlight and his towel
He pounced on the mouse, caused it great pain
All that's left of that mouse is a little stain

Well on Monday night
Where could the movie be
Dave had ordered it in '93
He asked us to cover with a show
To collect some money for Kosovo
But what happened to the film is a mystery
Just like whatever happened to Copper Country.

Little Brown Cabins

By Gordo, Tim, and Ken

Well there's a church camp, in the big woods
Way up north by a lake
They got lousy food and lots of bugs
You know the campers ain't got it so great

When it heats up in the afternoon
We all head down to the lake
It's hard to cool off, the water's only ankle deep

Ah but ain't that Michigamme
Where you get stung by bees
Ain't that Michigamme
Where deans blow out their knees
Ain't that Mihcigamme
We're all feeling free...
Little brown cabins for you and me

Well on game night, things were all right
Until we played grocery bag
We had to sprint across and reach inside
Chew the food, until we gagged

When you were a young kid you played Nuke 'Em
But now you play volleyball
And there's still no warm water in your shower stall


Pharo, Pharo, Pharo 3X

Well there's counselors and there's campers
What do they know?
Come to camp, dance, and sing
And at the end of the week they go home

Well, there are good times and there's bad timesCause Jesus he paid the bill for the thrill and the sin that kills

Chorus 2X

The New Grace Hall Blues

By Tim Fritz and Gordo Kendall

Gonna take 1 week and go to Camp Michigamme
Gonna sing about God and teach the poor Oragami
Well the hopper bell rings and it's time to eat lunch
And we really hate this hall yes we hate it a bunch

And sometimes I wonder what I'm gonna do
'Cause there ain't no cure for the new Grace Hall blues

Well the bahtrooms are cool cause ya don't have to walk
But it would be really nice if you could hear yourself talk
The new sound system doesn't work too swell
Cause Dean sounds like he's at the bottom of a well

On Tuesday night chicken was for dinner
We were all real hungry so it sounded like a winner
But when they served the chicken we had to send it back
For the wings were still moving and it was barely hatched

Outside the hall the air is nice and cool
But inside the temp is about 92
Well some say it's nice, it's just like home
But I think the archetect had an extra chromosome

At rest hour Carroll didn't shut up like he should
So Tim had to punt his cookies in the woods
He had all his food stored under his bunk
And now he ain't got none cause it's food for the skunk

Well we all sat around not knowing what to do
Suffering from a case of the new Grace Hall blues
Well we got on the phone and called Ishpeming
And we got Adrian back cause no one here can sing

Wreck of the Old Grace Hall

By Jeff Parker, Brian Rice, and Tim Fritz with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot

The legend lives on from the Keewenaw on down
Of the big lake they call Michigamme
The campers they knew that they registered at two
But parents brought some of them early

The swim test they say was the first thing that day
And the campers went down to get started
The water's not deep, only two or three feet
If you drown you must be retarted

The man came from jail
Must have got out on bail
His suit was made out of rayon
He needed supplies for the men of level 5
Like a wide assortment of Crayons!

Game night went on, and on, and on,
and on, and on, and on
and on, and on, and on, and on
and on, and on, and on.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes
When the camp staff gets poisoned by tuna
The food wasn't bad, it was all that we had
Some say it was made of racoona.

And on Dance Night Wednesday
The floor almost gave way
The kids getting sweaty and moldy
Had the time of our lives
Figured out Chinese knives
With campers sweaating to the Oldies!


The word around town is that Grace Hall's coming down
With the use of a big wrecking ball
At 7 p.m. the main beam gave in
With Gordon still chained to the wall

Grace Hall is the best
The new plans are a mess
They're still tearing it down in the fall
If you care would you please
Write the trustees
Saying, "Please, SAVE GRACE HALL!"

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