Okay, okay, I admit it will look nice. And the new equipment will be useful. Like, maybe the microwave won't make those funky noises. It's an excellent idea to construct a new dining hall. But nobody can call it Grace Hall, because it is simply............

The Imposter.

I have many memories of the real Grace Hall . I suppose modernization is a good thing, but if I get to camp next summer and the new dining hall has a set of automatically opening doors like at Shop-ko I will turn around and go home.

Okay, I won't call it The Imposter anymore, because I've heard it's really nice. I just don't like the idea of calling an entirely different buliding Grace Hall.

Grace Hall, Jr., that can be its name. That's nicer than The Imposter. Maybe someone already named it. I'll find out...........

Okay, now I've seen the new Grace Hall, and I can't rip on it anymore. I'm writing this on 07/29/97 and have been back from two weeks at camp for three days. The new Grace Hall has these awesome windows and a great view, but the best thing about it is that there are bathrooms right inside the building. Whoever thought of that is seriously a genious and should apply to Mensa. That was the best idea anyone's had ever. It is so convenient. I would put whoever thought of having bathrooms in the new dining hall on The Shrine Page if I knew who it was.

The one thing that gets me about the new Grace Hall is the set up of the doors. They remind me of the doors we had at in the high school corridors. They are those ones that you push on a bar in the middle of it. This bugs me, I think because camp is not supposed to remind me of high school.

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