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Camp Michigamme is the most amazing place I've ever been to. It is the most special place of all to me. As a camper, I braved being away from home for the first time here. At camp, I met the first friend I would send a Christmas card to. I had my first crush (in 1989 on the cute lifeguard!) here. I first knew the true power of God here. I went on my first date (back in the days of Junior High 2 movie night) here. As a counselor, I met my closest friends at camp. I learned to appreciate what I had, even the things I didn't always like, because there are people who wish they had some of the things I complained about the most. I met my first adult best friend at camp. A few years later, during camp, I learned the tough lesson of how to forgive a best friend even when she isn't your friend anymore. I wrote my first full length children's book based on my experiences here. I learned about power here and that you can earn respect but not demand it. At camp I learned that life isn't fair, but that it is good. I learned that people change...some for the better and some for the worse. I learned that some people are different than they appear. I met my first true love at camp. I was proposed to at camp. I will be married at camp. I will bring my children to camp.

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