Questions About Camp I've Never Quite Found The Answers To

  • How do the kids' canteen cards get so beat up in a matter of five minutes?

  • Why do the so-called 'special' gimp colors (like neon and sparkly) not bend as well as the regular stuff?

  • Why does it always rain on the day my group plans to go to Ol' Baldy?

  • Just how many gimp projects can a counselor start during one week?

  • Okay, Snapple: it's pop without flavor, carbon, or caffein. So what's the point?

  • Just where is this Squeaky Mattress Inc. company that contributes so generously to Michigamme?

  • What exactly is in a brown M n' M?

  • Why are campers sure they don't have to use the restroom before nature hikes but inevitably decide they are wrong half an hour away from camp?

  • Why isn't there an Iron Mountain Cabin? (Actually I know the answer to that one, but I still wanted to put it in.)

  • Which is better: having to make due with all natural, healthy food and Snapple at canteen or having yummy junk food but sugar buzzed campers?

  • Why do you need five camp napkins to do the job of one real napkin?

  • What's up with the whole Gene Simmons tongue thing? How can one sing while sticking one's tongue out?

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