It's Da UP, eh!!!

I am very disappointed in this map of the U.P. First of all, Michigamme isn't on it!!!!!!!! The nerve of someone to make a map without labeling Michigamme! You'll also notice that Champion isn't on there either. I don't know why; it's such a big town. None of the New/Old/South Republic mess is labled either. And to top it off, Gwinn isn't there!!! No wonder people sing songs about not being able to find the road to Gwinn.

Hey, find Iron Mountain on the map. See how close it is to the Wisconsin border......and for those five miles, I pay out of state tuition. Nobody ever said life was fair, but this is just a little bit ridiculous.

Anyway, since Michigamme isn't on this map, you'll have to find where it should be through directions. Since you're already outraged at how close I am to paying $2,000 tuition instead of the big $10,000 why don't we start at Iron Mountain. See that red squiggly line that goes up from I.M.? That's 95. Follow that until you can't go up anymore. If you go right on the red line you'll get to Ishpeming, Negaunee (even though it's not on the map, it's there; trust me), and Marquette. If you go left instead, you'll get to camp. I'm not sure how far over it is, since every time I've gone to camp it's actually been there and I didn't have to guess when to stop driving. Maybe the first little blue blob on the map is Lake Michigamme. I'm not sure though. Don't quote me.

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