My sweetie is the greatest! He is just the best :) I love him so so so so so much.
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Basically, my advice on camp romance is DON'T DO IT!!!!! But sometimes, once in a great while, something good can come out of a camp romance (and I do mean, once in a GREAT while---I'm talking about one in 400). If you do happen to take the camp romance gamble and it works, you will have an amazingly wonderful relationship and be incredibly happy! However.....

The distinction between what's a camp romance and what's not is a very fine line. Jerm and I are not sure if we have a camp romance or not. There are many reasons we do have a camp romance, but also many reasons that we don't.


  • We met at camp.
  • We will be at camp together this summer.
  • When you are a camp bum "all your romances are camp romances."
  • The wedding will be in Hampton Chapel


  • We didn't go into it thinking we were going to dump each other at the end of the week.
  • We see each other once a week (now usually every other day or so!), not once a year.
  • It is a stable, healthy relationship.
  • We don't run out of things to talk about from the thrid week in August until the second week in June.

    This is Domino.

    This is Domino after a storm at camp.

    Click the play button to hear the song Domino's named after.

    I like Domino, but The Om is my personal favorite.

    KISS midis! Cool interview :)

    These links to multimedia on the Kissasylum take forever to load, but when they do they are AWESOME!

    NHL Commercial

    Backstage 1976

    I "stole" this background off the home page of a guy I went to high school with. I figured that the chance of him suing me is less than it would be if I took a background off one of the official KISS sites. Besides, I think he stole it off someone else's page. Anyway, visit Sam's Page.

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