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Scouting Bekkerveld is a dutch Scouting Group from Heerlen. Heerlen is a middle large town, located in the south-east of the Netherlands near the border of Germany and Belgium. There are quite a lot of Scouting Groups here, but there's just one Bekkerveld! Why are we so special? Check it out.
We 've got a nice Scouthome. Feel free to enter!  We do rent it out.

Our historie

In 1944 a Catholic Boy Scouts Troop was founded in our neighbourhood. One year later, Girl Guides were started. Over the years units for younger and older boys or girls were added to these Scouting Groups. In 1975 both Groups merged into 'Scouting Bekkerveld'. Since then the sections for Rovers and Explorers have become co-ed. The role of the church has diminished. A new co-ed section for young children, named Beavers, was added in 1987.
Now, we have 7 units covering the ages 5 to 23. To learn the dutch names and our member figures, check out our group structure.


In Scouting everything refers to the kids and for Bekkerveld, you'll find them within these units:

bevers Bevers [info]
We are Beavers, we are small but not quiet! It's always crowded and we're busy doing all sorts of things: baking cookies or growing flowers, we can do it all.
Most of them simply love everything. For instance Susan: she just became a new member, and then she goes and sells 17 lottery tickets!

welpen Welpen [info]
We, the Cub Scouts, are a very active unit. Competing in sports or activities in our district, cooking or a carnival-parade, the Cub Scouts participate in all of these an many more!
Though our programme is filled with action, we have always the time to listen to Niels his stories or to laugh about Orry's jokes. Perhaps we're a bit scared of girls, but apart from that, we're very courages and dare anything.

kabouters Kabouters [info]
We Brownies are a nice group of girls. We're very good at searches and have a lot of fun together. Mieke has been a member for so long, she knows everything!
Sometimes we think that we may do whatever we want. Fortunately we can do a lot of things as we've got two young female scouters and an experienced leader, who's not strict at all...

verkenners Verkenners [info]
The Boy Scouts are a wild bunch. We love to do whatever we just feel like... Then it's sometimes a good thing that the staff take action! Some Boy Scouts like Maarten en Alexander are real quiet, and they also feel we're a cool group. Well, I guess that's because there is a lot of adventure in Boy Scouts!

gidsen Gidsen [info]
The Girl Guides, yep that's us, are a small but very sociable club. We're real creative and love to do weird things. That's what you get if your leader is Annemiek...
Anna acts a bit tired or bored sometimes, but she actually likes Scouting real good. Oh yeah, if you see her, congratulate her on her braces!

explorers Explorers [info]
Since last year we are a mixed group of Explorers again. Lieke en Roos are alternative, Pymm is a house-freak and Roel and Lonn are just down to earth! Neat guys and cool girls, so we're in for some great conneXXXions ... changing all the time. But above all, we have become a very tight and enjoyable group. And whether we are in action or just hanging out, we are the unit that knows how te make fun and where everything's possible!

pivo's Pivo's [info]
We, Rovers from the Woodpecker Tribe, are a jolly group of young people. Except for Cecile and Judith, we all belong to the Staff as well. Many meetings are all about fun, but we undertake action too. Recently we recorded a videomovie and we like to do high-adventure stuff. But our ace is the Pivo-Party's which are visited by Explorers to Staff from all over Heerlen!

DownWhat's Scouting Bekkerveld?

Scouting = action!
All over the world, the game of Scouting is basically the same: you do all kinds of great activities. Here with Scouting Bekkerveld we love to go on camp-outs, backpacking, cooking, high-adventure, you name it! We participate in sports, games and get creative: songs, theater or designing and building stuff.
There are differences though. For example badges and ranking aren't nearly as important over here.
Scouting = FUN!
The most important thing about about Scouting is that it's fun. Kid's come to their meetings to enjoy themselves. Sure, there are more ("higher") goals. But if the activities, the Scouts and their leaders wouldn't be fun, no one would come. So let's keep Scouting pleasurable for all of us...

Scouting Bekkerveld = special
Why ??  How does Scouting Bekkerveld differ?

Do you want to know more about Scouting in the Netherlands?

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