When this page is finished it will have some cool Firefighter stuff, like pictures, facts and other HOT stuff. I will also be including some links to friends homepages and other sites that have interested me. Please look around and Email me and let me know how it looks. This is my first time and I will improve the page as I get the hang of it.

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A little bit about myself!!

I like playing golf, basketball, baseball, softball and Volleyball. I attended Austin Community College for two years and received my Associate Arts degree in Chemistry. I then attended Mankato State University and obtained my B.S. in Computer Science. While going to school I also worked as a Part-Time Firefighter with the City of Mankato. My duties included Driver/Operator, Fire Suppression and Public Education at schools and businesses. I worked for IBM in Rochester, MN as a Contractor with the AS/400 Division for two years, before transferring to my new job as a Product Support Specialist with Metafile Information Systems in Rochester, MN. While working in Mankato as a Firefighter, I finally realized my dream of being a Firefighter. Even though I enjoy my current job, I will always be waiting for that opportunity to be a Firefighter again. The thrill of fighting a fire and knowing you are helping someone makes you feel good about yourself. I also loved doing Public Education at the local schools and helping the kids understand what they should do if there ever was a fire. I will be updating this page more and more as I collect more memorabilia. So check back often and let me know what you think.