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I present this site for all of you people that love wolves as much as I do. May you share in the enjoyment that these pictures bring me.

First let me apologize in advance if this site does takes a little while to load all of the images. But to keep quality pictures at a decent size, that is all that I can do.

All pictures on this site have been personally scanned in and put on this page by me. I did not photograph them myself, but none of these pictures have come from anyone else's website.

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This page consists of pictures of wolves. Please check out the links below to see my pictures of wolf pups and wolf packs.

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Welcome to the world of wolves. Here you will find some beautiful pictures of wolves (scientific name Canis lupus) and some basic information about these extraordinary creatures.

The ancestors of wolves first appeared on earth about five million years ago. They were large, meat-eating animals whose fossil bones have been found in many parts of the world. Scientists believe that those powerful, prehistoric mammals evolved to become the wolves that we know today.

No two wolves look exactly alike. Some wolves are all black except for a white mark on their chests. Artic wolves are all white. Others may be a combination of gray, white, fawn, black, and brown.

Adult wolves weigh from fifty-seven pounds to a record of more than one hundred seventy pounds, depending on where they live. An average weight for a male is about eighty-eight pounds, and about eighty-one pounds for a female. The largest wolves are found in the Northwest Territories, the Yukon Territory, and Alaska. Red wolves are somewhat smaller than gray wolves and seldom weigh more than seventy-five pounds.

The length of a wolf is between fifty-nine and eighty inches. A large gray wolf may be thirty-six inches tall at the shoulder. Biologists are often asked how long wolves live. That is an impossible question to answer for wild wolves. In captivity, wolves have been known to live up to seventeen years, but life in the wild is hard and it may be a really lucky wolf that can live for nine or ten years.


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The Wolf Pups

The Wolf Pack


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